20 Best Pickleball Gifts for Pickleball Lovers, Players, and Beginners

best pickleball gifts

Alright, so if you’re on the hunt for a holiday gift for your pickleball-loving friend or family member, we’ve got you covered! They’re all about playing every weekend and can’t wait to hit the court. We’ve got the best pickleball gifts just for them!

OR you’re crazy about Pickleball and want to get others into it. Even if they’ve never played before you need to find some more pickleball partners. So, we’ve got some great pickleball gifts to get them interested in this fast-growing sport!

Let’s define these groups of people to help you identify which category your friend/family/co-worker belongs to:

  • Pickleball Lovers live, breathe, and play pickleball to the fullest. And they most likely have a DUPR.
  • Pickleball Players enjoy playing the sport whenever they can, whether it’s on weekends, once a month, or during the summer.
  • Pickleball Beginners are individuals who have heard of the sport but have not yet played or are just starting to enjoy the game.

It’s important to note because, for example, we aren’t going to recommend paddles as gifts for pickleball lovers or players since they should already have one.

Best Pickleball Gifts For Pickleball Lovers

1) The Preppy Pair Pickleball Bag (Best Personalized Gift)

The Preppy Pair Pickleball Bag
Why we Like it:

Every Pickleball player needs a good-looking, functional bag to go with their pickleball gear.

This personalized pickleball bag makes a perfect gift for pickleball enthusiasts. It’s a trendy canvas bag with a zip closure and a crossbody strap for easy carrying. Plus, it even has a separate compartment just for your pickleball paddle.

2) Anatomy of Pickleball Coasters

Anatomy of pickleball coasters
Why we Like it:

These Anatomy of Pickleball Coasters are perfect for the pickleball player who loves to show off their knowledge of the game.

These coasters feature an illustration of a pickleball court with all its key elements labeled and explained, making them both educational and stylish. Perfect for Pickleball Lovers!

3) Palm-O-Aces Pickleball Paddle Cover

Why we Like it:

A pickleball paddle is an essential piece of equipment for every player, so why not protect it with a stylish and functional cover?

The Palm-O-Aces Pickleball paddle cover is made from durable waterproof fabric and has 12 different fun designs. Always a good gift for any pickleball player!

4) Varsity Pickleball Shirt

Why we Like it:

For the fashionable pickleball player, this performance tech shirt is a must-have. It’s made from soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable fabric with UV protection.

The design features their modern and unique logo. Perfect for both on and off the court.

5) Posh Pickler Cooling Towel

Posh Pickler Cooling Towel
Why we Like it:

This cooling towel is a game-changer for hot weather pickleball matches. It’s made from a soft, lightweight fabric that stays cool for hours and can be easily activated with water.

The Posh Pickler Cooling Towel also comes with a clip-on convenient travel pouch, making it easy to toss into/attach onto their pickleball bag.

6) Rally Deluxe Portable Net

Rally Deluxe Portable Net
Why we Like it:

For the pickleball player who loves to practice anytime, anywhere, the Rally Deluxe Portable Net is a perfect gift. This set includes a high-quality net with no sagging that is regulation size.

This is for all pickleball lovers who can’t get enough of the game and want a net right in their own backyard!

7) Ame & Lulu Hamptons Pickleball Bag

Ame & Lulu hamptons pickleball bag
Why we Like it:

If you want to spoil your pickleball lover, this luxurious Ame & Lulu Hamptons Pickleball Bag is perfect. It’s a “Hamptons vibe” bag, that is so stylish you can find it selling at Saks 5th Avenue store.

But it’s also functional, with plenty of space for all their pickleball gear and a separate exterior compartment that can fit 2 paddles.

8) JOOLA Aluminum Paddle Case (Best Gift For Paddle Lover)

JOOLA Aluminum Paddle Case
Why we Like it:

This aluminum paddle case is the perfect gift for picklers who really love their paddle! Its unique design resembles a case for something precious, like money or gold. But it’s for a paddle, with foam padding inside for protection.

Made by one of the best brands in Pickleball, it’s a great gift that will be appreciated by pickleball lovers.

Best Pickleball Gifts For Pickleball Players

9) Pickleball “Deck the Halls” Ornament

 Pickleball "Deck the Halls" Ornament
Why we Like it:

Something simple and fun for the holidays. This is for all pickleball lovers to decorate their Christmas tree with.

This “Deck the Halls” pickleball ornament is a great addition to their holiday ornament collection. In the shape of a pickleball paddle, this handmade ornament is made from wood.

10) Uncommon Goods Pickles Playing Pickleball Sweatshirt

Pickles Playing Pickleball Sweatshirt
Why we Like it:

For the pun-loving pickleball player, this sweatshirt from Uncommon Goods is a hilarious gift. It features pickles playing pickleball and will surely be a conversation starter on or off the court.

11) Posh Pickler Crossbody Pickleball Cover

11) Posh Pickler Crossbody Pickleball Cover
Why we Like it:

For the pickler on-the-go, this crossbody pickleball cover bag is a perfect gift. This luxury paddle cover features a convenient zipper sealed pocket on the back for securely storing small personal items, like phones and cards.

And it’s lightweight and compact but made from high-quality, durable, and water-resistant fabric.

12) David & Young I’m Pickled Baseball Cap (Best Hat)

David & Young I'm Pickled Baseball Cap
Why we Like it:

For the pickleball lover who also loves a good dad hat, this “I’m Pickled” baseball cap is perfect for them.

It’s a fun and quirky way to show off their love for the game while keeping the sun out of their eyes during those intense matches.

13) Lucky In Love Women’s Replay Tie Back (Best Tank Top)

Lucky In Love Women's Replay Tie Back Tank Top
Why we Like it:

This high-performance tank top from Lucky In Love is a great gift for the fashion-forward female pickleball player. With a scoop neck and trendy criss-cross back design that can be worn open or tied, it’s both functional and stylish.

Made from moisture-wicking fabric, it will keep them cool and comfortable during their matches.

Best Pickleball Gifts For Pickleball Beginners

14) SLK by Selkirk Pickleball Paddle Set

Why we Like it:

Selkirk is one of the top pickleball paddle manufactures in the game. Some of the best pro players actually use their paddles.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for pickleball beginners, why not hook them up with these high-quality, yet affordable paddles?

This set comes with 2 paddles, balls, and a bag, so they’ll be all set to join you on the court ASAP!

15) South Shore Pickleball Paddle

South Shore Pickleball Paddle
Why we Like it:

The South Shore paddle is a stylish pickleball gift that combines fashion and functionality, perfect for beginner players who want to look good on the court.

Made from high-quality materials, it’s durable while providing good performance for the beginner to intermediate player.

Affordable and ideal for beginners, this paddle makes a great gift for anyone looking to start enjoying pickleball.

16) Brooklyn Pickleball Co. Paddle

Why we Like it:

Yet another paddle gift option for beginner to intermediate players is the Brooklyn Pickleball Co. Paddle. Because to invite people to enjoy the game, they need to play, and for that, they require a paddle.

This paddle features a unique retro design and comes in a variety of colors. Another great choice for novice players aiming to make a stylish impression on the court.

17) Tangerine Pickleball Paddle

Tangerine Pickleball Paddle
Why we Like it:

This premium lightweight paddle is an ideal gift for those who want to make a statement. With its distinctive tangerine design, it stands out on the court.

And you can choose from over 28 vibrant and colorful designs!

18) Franklin Official NFL Football Paddle (Best For NFL Fans)

Franklin Official NFL Football Pickleball Paddle
Why we Like it:

For the ultimate fan of both pickleball and football, this Official NFL Football Paddle is an unbeatable gift. It features the logo and colors of their favorite team, making it a unique and personalized item to add to their collection.

Plus, with its high-quality construction, it’s not just for display – they can use it on the court too! So you could say, it’s a touchdown gift for any pickleball-loving football fan.

19) Pickleball Central Mystery Box (Best For Pickleball Players)

Mystery Box
Why we Like it:

For pickleball players who love to try new equipment out. This mystery box from Pickleball Central is a perfect gift.

It can include multiple items, such as paddles, balls, and accessories, all chosen at random for a fun and exciting surprise.

20) Franklin Pickleball Set With A Net

Franklin Pickleball Set With A Net
Why we Like it:

For those who want to bring the pickleball fun anywhere, this pickleball set is a great gift option at an affordable price!

It comes with everything necessary for a game of pickleball, including paddles, balls, and a half-court-sized net.

Perfect for picnics, tailgates, or even the beach, this set will provide hours of entertainment for all pickleball lovers.

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