Best Pickleball Shirts For Men & Women: Performance, Comfort, Style!

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One essential gear component for Pickleball is the shirt you wear. There is typically no dress code, but it’s important to find a shirt that will help your performance. Here, we show our favorites for the best pickleball shirts that combine style, comfort, and function, ensuring that you’re always at the top of your game.

What To Look For In A Pickleball Shirt?

1. Material

  • Moisture-wicking: Fabrics like polyester or specific blends can draw sweat away from the body, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable.
  • Breathability: Lightweight materials, or those with mesh panels, promote airflow, helping you remain cool during intense play.

2. UV Protection

If playing outdoors, shirts with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) ratings can safeguard you from the sun’s harmful rays. Typically, a UPF rating of 30 or more is recommended for outdoor sports.

3. Fit & Flexibility

  • Stretch: The fabric should have some elasticity to accommodate the sport’s dynamic movements without limiting your range of motion.
  • Fit: Depending on your comfort level, choose between a regular or a more athletic fit. Ensure it doesn’t chafe or restrict your movements.

4. Durability

Ensure the shirt is robust enough to endure the demands of regular play and frequent washing without losing shape or functionality.

5. Style & Design

  • Colors: Light hues are suitable for sunny conditions as they reflect sunlight, while darker ones are ideal for cooler climates or indoor play.
  • Graphics & Branding: Depending on personal preferences, select between minimalist designs or vibrant graphics.
  • Neck Design: There are various neck styles, including crew, V-neck, or polo. Choose based on comfort and aesthetic preference.

6. Comfort Enhancements

  • Seamless Construction: A shirt with fewer seams can reduce the risk of chafing or skin irritation.
  • Tagless Labels: Opt for shirts that avoid scratchy tags, adding to the comfort factor.

7. Additional Features

  • Anti-odor Technology: Some shirts come infused with antimicrobial agents that deter odor-causing microbes, ensuring you stay fresh.
  • Quick Dry: Fabrics that dry swiftly can be beneficial, especially if you play continuously or face unpredictable weather.

8. Price & Brand

While renowned sports brands often promise consistent quality, many emerging brands offer comparable performance at a potentially lesser cost. Find a balance between quality and budget.

10 Best Pickleball Shirts For Men

1. Joola Ben Johns Trigon T-shirt (Most Popular)

Joola Ben Johns Trigon T-shirt

Celebrated for its sleek design and functionality, this shirt draws inspiration from the #1 Pickleball player in the world, Ben Johns. The material feels light against the skin and provides optimal movement freedom. Made from 100% premium polyester, it has moisture-wicking construction for breathability and to keep you cool. 

2. Selkirk Pro Line (Our Favorite)

Selkirk Pro Link Pickleball shirt

Renowned as a top Pickleball brand for its comfortable fit and advanced moisture management capabilities. With a design catered specifically for Pickleball enthusiasts, it ensures players look and feel their best on the court. Great simplistic design, fit, mobility, and performance.

3. Adidas Aeroready Pro Tennis Seamless (Great For Tennis/Pickleball)

Adidas AEROREADY Pro Tennis Seamless

A testament to Adidas’s excellence in sportswear, this slim fit shirt boasts a seamless construction, reducing friction and maximizing comfort. Its Aeroready technology ensures players remain dry, no matter the intensity of the match. It’s made of 66% recycled polyester, 34% recycled nylon seamless. This versatile equipment is perfect for both tennis and pickleball, and it has a stylish appearance.

4. Original Penguin Color Block

Original Penguin Color Block

For those seeking a blend of fashion and functionality, the Color Block by Original Penguin stands out. Its retro design coupled with modern fabric technology makes it both stylish and suitable for high-paced games. Keeps you dry and cool while performing at your best. Made from 51% Polyester / 35% Recycled Polyester / 14% Elastane.

5. FILA Pickleball Short Sleeve Crew (Best Value For Pickleball)

FILA Pickleball Short Sleeve Crew pickleball shirt

This  100% polyester shirt underscores the union of affordability and quality. Designed for Pickleball, it offers excellent breathability, ensuring players stay cool during gameplay.  

6. FILA Pickleball UV Crew Neck (Most Affordable)

FILA Short Sleeve Pickleball shirt

Touted as the most affordable in the FIFA range at under $10, this shirt doesn’t skimp on quality. It comes with UV protection, making it an excellent choice for outdoor games. Straightforward, comfortable, and affordable Pickleball shirt.

7. Diadem Dry-Core Pickleball Shirt

Diadem Dry-Core Pickleball Shirt

Engineered with the Dry-Core technology, this high-quality performance shirt is adept at moisture management. Made for Pickleball in mind, its ergonomic design and durable fabric promise longevity and superior comfort.

8. Varsity Pickle Performance

Varsity Pickle Performance shirt

A favorite among many players, this shirt is celebrated for its exceptional fit and modern aesthetic. The fabric is quick-drying and lightweight, ensuring players remain at their best. Made from 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex with UV 50+ Protection.

9. Nike Men’s Rafa Tennis Polo (Best Polo)

Nike Men's Rafa Tennis Polo

Regarded as a premium polo with sophistication and quality Nike is known for. Drawing inspiration from tennis superstar Rafael Nadal, it provides elegance without compromising on performance. My favorite polo for golf, tennis, or Pickleball. This slim-fit polo is for a tailored feel that is made with breathable knit Dri-FIT fabric.

10. FILA Men’s Solar Long Sleeve (Best Long Sleeve)

FILA Men's Solar Long Sleeve pickleball shirt

Earning our title of the best long-sleeve shirt, Fila’s offering provides sun protection and a snug fit. It’s especially recommended for cooler climates or those wanting added coverage. It’s made of 100% recycled polyester with 50+ UV protection plus anti-odor material.

8 Best Pickleball Shirts For Women

1. Pickleball Bella Women’s 1/4 Zip Sleeveless (Best Zip)

Pickleball Bella Women's 1/4 Zip Sleeveless

This shirt stands out for its convenient quarter-zip feature, offering both style and functionality. The sleeveless design ensures a free range of arm movement, crucial for those powerful serves and smashes. And you can stay cool and composed during those hot summer matches.

2. Varsity Pickle Women’s Performance Tech Long Sleeve (Best Long Sleeve)

Varsity Pickle Performance Tech long sleeve

Perfect for those seeking added coverage, this shirt is recognized for its comfort and performance-enhancing, moisture-wicking fabric. It promises to keep players dry and comfortable, irrespective of the game’s intensity. It’s used making performance tech with an ultra-soft material to keep you warm during cool months.

3. FILA Women’s Essentials UV Blocker (Best UV Protection)

FILA Women's Essentials UV Blocker pickleball shirts

An essential for outdoor Pickleball enthusiasts, this shirt provides crucial UV protection. Its lightweight fabric ensures players remain cool and shielded from the sun’s harmful rays.

4. FILA Women’s Printed V Neck Halter Tank Top (Best Value Tank Top)

FILA Pickleball Halter Tank Top

Merging affordability with quality, this tank top doesn’t compromise on performance. Its vibrant print adds a touch of style, making it both a functional and fashionable choice. It’s made with stretch jersey (88% polyester / 12% spandex) with an inside bra.

5. Adidas Transformative Aeroready Pro Dress (Best Dress)

Adidas AEROREADY Pro Dress

For those looking to make a style statement on the court, this dress is the go-to. Beyond its chic slim-fit appearance, the Aeroready technology guarantees comfort and optimal moisture management.

6. Adidas Club Tennis Tank Top (Best Tank Top)

Adidas Club Tennis Tank top

A testament to Adidas’s expertise in sportswear, this tank top combines a classic look with high-performance fabric. Players can expect both style and comfort. It looks great, fits great, and your performance will be great.

7. Joola Flow Tank (Best Pickleball Tank)

JOOLA Flow Pickleball Tank top

Renowned for its outstanding fit with elasticity and breathability, the Joola Flow Tank is a favorite among many pickleball enthusiasts. It offers superior moisture-wicking fabric, ensuring players remain dry and comfortable. Also the loose-fit racerback with a scoop neck offers unrestricted movement for maximum comfort.

8) Alo Airlift Advantage Sports Bra (Best Sports Bra)

Alo Airlift Advantage Sports Bra

Alo is a high-end sportswear brand that are typically made for workouts (like yoga, pilates). But its moisture-wicking fabric ensures players stay dry during hot days, while the supportive yet non-restrictive design offers optimal freedom of movement. Merging style with functionality, it’s a top pick for those seeking a sports bra for comfort and performance on the court. smooth and stretch fabric


Can You Wear Tennis Shirts For Pickleball?

Absolutely! Tennis shirts and pickleball shirts share many similar characteristics because both sports involve intensive movement, potential exposure to the sun, and the need for comfort during play.

Is There a Pickleball Dress Code?

Pickleball has no official dress code, so you’re free to wear whatever you like. However, it’s recommended to choose appropriate clothing for optimal performance. This means comfortable and breathable attire that allows for easy movement.

However, in tournaments, players may need to adhere to dress code guidelines to maintain appropriateness. Apparel should depict tasteful content, and footwear must not damage the court surface. Violations can result in enforcement by the Tournament Director.

And although there’s no specific dress code, there’s a new rule for tournament play in 2023: avoid wearing the same color as the pickleball. So, it’s probably best to steer clear of bright neon clothing.

  • 2.G.1. Safety and Distraction. A player may be required to change apparel that is inappropriate, including that which approximates the color of the ball. 10 USA PICKLEBALL Official Rulebook (2023)
  • 2.G.2. Depictions. Graphics, insignias, pictures, and writing on apparel must be in good taste.
  • 2.G.3. Footwear. Shoes must have soles that do not mark or damage the court’s playing surface. 2.G.4. Violation. The Tournament Director has the authority to enforce apparel changes. If the Tournament Director enforces an apparel change, it will be a nonchargeable time-out. If the player refuses to comply with the apparel rules, the Tournament Director may declare a forfeit of the match.
USA Pickleball Official Rules Book 2.G Apparel

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