Top 10 Best Pickleball Brands

best pickleball brands

As the sport gains traction, numerous brands have risen to cater to players’ gear and apparel needs. Here, we delve into the top 10 best Pickleball brands (not in any particular order) that have made their mark on the game, spotlighting their product offerings and why they stand out in the industry.


Established in the 1950s, JOOLA has been a renowned name in table tennis for decades. With a legacy of producing top-notch equipment, including tables, balls, and paddles, JOOLA’s quality and performance are synonymous. Recognizing the rising popularity of pickleball, JOOLA ventured into this sport, leveraging their expertise in racquet sports to create innovative and functional products that cater to players of all levels.

Product Offerings:

  1. Paddles: Leveraging their expertise in racket design, JOOLA’s pickleball paddles offer a blend of power, control, and durability. They cater to a broad audience, from beginners looking for user-friendly designs to competitive professional players seeking advanced performance features.
  2. Balls: Reflecting their experience in crafting table tennis balls, JOOLA’s pickleball balls are designed for consistent bounce, aerodynamics, and durability, suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.
  3. Accessories: From shirts, and protective cases to grip tapes, JOOLA ensures that players have everything they need for a comprehensive pickleball experience.

Why JOOLA Stands Out?

In 2022, JOOLA made a grand entrance into the world of pickleball with the launch of JOOLA Pickleball. They quickly made waves by sponsoring pickleball world #1, Ben Johns, and becoming a partner of USPPA. Now the have other professional athletes endorsing their brand.


Ben Johns, Federico Staksrud, Anna Bright, Brooke Buckner, Collin Johns, Lea Jansen

2) Engage Pickleball

Engage Pickleball is a brand that has, since its inception, positioned itself as a leader in the world of pickleball. Unlike brands that diversify across multiple sports, Engage’s laser-focused approach has allowed it to channel all its resources and expertise into understanding and advancing the sport of pickleball.

Product Offerings:

  1. Paddles: Their paddles often incorporate the latest technology, ensuring durability, power, and precision.
  2. Balls: Engage’s pickleball balls are designed for consistent play, offering the right balance of bounce, weight, and durability.
  3. Accessories and Apparel: From protective gear to stylish sportswear, Engage ensures players are well-equipped and look the part when they step onto the court.
  4. Community Engagement: True to its name, Engage places a strong emphasis on engaging with the pickleball community. They actively participate in tournaments, offer workshops, and support both emerging and professional players

Why Engage Stands Out?

Engage stands out for its intense dedication to the sport. The brand’s approach is not just about creating high-quality gear but also fostering a community and culture around pickleball, making it accessible to players of all levels. Engage has also pioneered innovations in paddle design, such as their specialized ‘ControlProTM Technology,’ which enhances control and power while reducing vibration. Plus, many professionals highly recommend this brand.


Jessie Irvine, Yana Newell, Dekel Bar

3) Gamma Pickleball

Originating from the world of tennis, Gamma has a rich heritage in understanding the nuances and demands of racquet sports. The brand’s foundation is built on a thorough understanding of players’ needs, cutting-edge technology, and a relentless quest for excellence. This legacy provided an advantageous springboard for its venture into pickleball.

Catering to a broad spectrum of players, from novices to professionals, Gamma’s product lineup is diverse. Their range encompasses a variety of paddles, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every player’s style and skill level.

Product Offerings:

  1. Paddles: Range from beginner to intermediate-type paddles
  2. Balls: Designed for both indoor and outdoor play.
  3. Accessories: From high-traction grip tapes to training accessories to nets to hoppers.

Why Gamma Stands Out?

Gamma’s pickleball paddles are recognized for their superior balance between power and control. Incorporating materials like graphite and composite, these paddles offer durability while ensuring optimal play. They also have a wide range of products that are made exclusively for Pickleball.

4) Paddletek

Emerging as one of the trailblazers in the Pickleball industry, Paddletek has carved a niche for itself by consistently delivering top-tier equipment that resonates with players of all skill levels. Since its inception, Paddletek’s mission has been clear: to elevate the pickleball experience.

Product Offerings:

  1. Paddles: At the heart of Paddletek’s offerings are its paddles. Known for their distinctive balance and feel, these paddles are the result of meticulous engineering and a deep understanding of game mechanics.
  2. Balls and Accessories: While paddles remain their forte, Paddletek also offers balls designed for optimal flight and bounce. Their range of accessories, including bags and protective gear, complements their main product lineup, offering players a comprehensive pickleball solution.

Why Paddletek Stands Out?

Paddletek is dedicated to the pickleball industry’s growth and development. They have a partnership with the PPA Tour. And many professionals who endorse their products. Also, known for producing some of the highest-quality pickleball paddles that are used on the tour.


Anna Leigh Waters, Andrea Koop, Irina Tereschenko

5) Selkirk Sport

Selkirk Sport, with its roots deeply entrenched in the passionate world of pickleball, has risen as a prominent brand, earning the respect and admiration of players around the globe. Dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and performance, Selkirk Sport blends traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to produce top-of-the-line pickleball equipment.

Product Offerings:

  1. Paddles: Selkirk’s paddle lineup is extensive, with options that cater to every type of player. Incorporating advanced materials like graphite and polymer cores, Selkirk paddles promise enhanced playability and longevity.
  2. Balls and Gear: Complementing their paddle range, Selkirk Sport offers a variety of balls tailored for different play conditions. Additionally, their line of apparel and accessories ensures that players can kit themselves out in true Selkirk style.

Why Selkirk Stands Out?

They are renowned for their top-notch pickleball paddles, favored by world-class players. Catering to players of all skill levels, they offer high-value paddles perfect for beginners and advanced players alike. As a gold sponsor for the PPA Tour, they demonstrate their commitment to the sport. Additionally, their website features numerous how-to videos to enhance your understanding of pickleball and elevate your gameplay.


Tyson McGuffin, Dylan Frazier, James Ignatowich, Pablo Tellez, Mary Brascia, Catherine Parenteau

6) ONIX Sports

In the dynamic world of Pickleball, Onix Sports stands tall as a brand that has consistently delivered both innovation and excellence. With its unwavering commitment to advancing the sport, Onix Sports has become an emblem of quality, trust, and top-tier performance for Pickleball aficionados. From its inception, Onix Sports set out with a clear vision: to enhance the pickleball experience for players at every level.

Product Offerings:

  1. Paddles: At the heart of Onix’s portfolio are its pickleball paddles. With a variety of designs, weights, and materials, there’s an Onix paddle for every player, from the casual enthusiast to the seasoned professional.
  2. Balls: Onix’s Dura balls are crafted for precision and consistency. They are the official pickleball ball of the PPA Tour.
  3. Accessories and Gear: Beyond the core equipment, Onix offers an array of accessories, from protective cases to stylish apparel, ensuring players can immerse themselves fully in the Onix experience.

Why ONIX Sports Stands Out?

This brand is one of the most popular brands in the Pickleball industry, sponsoring the PPA Tour with their Gold Paddle sponsorship. Endorsed by numerous pros, they offer a range of paddles suitable for beginners and professionals alike. You will easily spot their presence at tournaments and local courts.


Matt Wright, Callie Smith, Lucy Kovalova

7) Diadem

While Diadem initially gained recognition in the realm of racquet sports, its foray into pickleball is marked by the same commitment to quality and innovation. As the sport of pickleball gains traction globally, Diadem seeks to provide players with equipment that’s a perfect blend of technological superiority and intuitive design.

Product Offerings:

  1. Paddles: Diadem’s pickleball paddles are crafted for precision and power, catering to more power players.
  2. Balls: Diadem offers premium balls for indoor or outdoor play.
  3. Accessories: From shirts, skirts, bags, and hats, Diadem ensures that pickleball players have access to a range of high-quality accessories to complement their primary gear.

Why Diadem Stands Out?

Primarily recognized as a tennis brand, but now venturing into the Pickleball industry. Crafting top-notch paddles for dedicated and serious picklers.

8) Vulcan

Vulcan is a name that resonates with power and precision in the pickleball community. As the sport has witnessed exponential growth, Vulcan has carved out a distinct niche for itself by offering products that encapsulate both innovation and quality.

Product Offerings:

  1. Paddles: Vulcan’s pickleball paddles are renowned for their new technology, power, touch, and control.
  2. Grips, Nets, Apparel and Accessories: Offer a range of accessories, from protective training gear to bags.

9) Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports, a brand with deep roots in the sporting goods industry, has firmly established itself in the world of pickleball. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Franklin’s foray into pickleball is a testament to its adaptability and dedication to meeting the evolving needs of athletes and enthusiasts.

Product Offerings:

  1. Paddles: Franklin offers a wide range of paddles, catering to both beginner and advanced Pickleball players. However, their focus is not on high-end pickleball paddles for elite players.
  2. Balls: Balls are designed for both indoor and outdoor play, ensuring versatility and durability.
  3. Accessories, Bags, Apparel, and Gear: From durable nets to protective eyewear, Franklin offers a broad spectrum of accessories, ensuring players have everything they need for a complete pickleball experience.

Why Franklin Sports Stands Out?

They are Platinum Paddle Sponsors of the PPA, a global sporting goods brand with a strong focus on the Pickleball industry. They concentrate on providing products for everyday Pickleball players.

10) FILA

FILA, a globally renowned sportswear brand with a rich heritage, has ventured into the world of pickleball, bringing with it a fusion of style, innovation, and unmatched quality. With its iconic logo and distinctive designs, FILA has gracefully integrated its fashion-forward ethos into the rapidly growing sport of pickleball.

Product Offerings:

  1. Apparel: FILA’s pickleball apparel range is vast, offering everything from moisture-wicking shirts to flexible shorts and skirts, all designed to ensure players remain comfortable while looking their best.
  2. Footwear: Known for its iconic sports shoes, FILA brings to pickleball footwear that ensures grip, stability, and comfort – crucial elements for swift court movements.
  3. Accessories: From caps to wristbands and bags, FILA offers a range of pickleball accessories that align with the brand’s unique aesthetic while serving practical needs.

Why FILA Stands Out?

FILA Pickleball is now the official supplier of athletic apparel and footwear for PPA! And endorsed by the #1 Women’s Pickleball Player in the world, Anna Leigh Waters.

Honorable Mentions


  • What they offer: Babolat, with its deep tennis roots, has launched a range of pickleball paddles and shoes.
  • Why they stand out: Their products reflect superior quality, drawing from decades of racquet sports mastery.


  • What they offer: Skechers has entered the pickleball arena with dedicated court shoes.
  • Why they stand out: Known for comfort and durability, their pickleball shoes are designed for optimum court performance.


  • What they offer: Wilson’s pickleball lineup boasts paddles, balls, and accessories, reflecting their deep racket sports heritage.
  • Why they stand out: Their gear is a testament to their long-standing commitment to quality and performance for all sports.


The soaring popularity of pickleball has spurred brands, both established and emerging, to craft gear that complements the sport’s dynamic nature. And many of these companies originated from the tennis or racket industry but have now shifted their focus to Pickleball. So, whether you’re new to the sport or looking to elevate your game, these brands offer a range of products that cater to diverse playing styles and preferences.

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