5 Best Volleyball Elbow Pads of 2024

volleyball elbow pads

Have you had injuries in the past? Or do you like to play more confidently and aggressively on the court? Volleyball elbow pads could help you out!

Volleyball, a sport known for its dynamic movements, often demands more than just skills and techniques. Protective gear, such as volleyball elbow pads, play a vital role in ensuring that players can dive and play without the fear of injuries.

Some players avoid elbow pads due to potential movement restrictions, while others appreciate the extra protection. Additionally, those with prior injuries may prefer the added safety.

Our favorite volleyball elbow pads provide impact protection without compromising performance. The choice to wear them is yours.

Why Do People Wear Volleyball Elbow Pads?

Before we delve into our top picks, let’s understand the significance of these pads:

  1. Protection: Elbow pads shield the elbow joint and surrounding areas from potential sprains, fractures, bruises, abrasions, and other impacts.
  2. Enhanced Performance: Knowing you’re protected can boost confidence, allowing players to dive for balls and hit spikes without hesitation.

Volleyball Elbow Pads vs Arm Sleeves

Elbow Pads


  1. Impact Protection: Designed with padding (often foam, gel, or a combination of materials) to shield the elbow from direct hits, falls, or abrasions.
  2. Confidence Booster: Players might feel more secure and willing to dive or be aggressive, knowing their elbows are protected.
  3. Reduced Injury Risk: Can prevent or minimize the severity of bruises, scrapes, or more severe injuries.


  1. Bulkiness: Can be more substantial and restrictive than arm sleeves, potentially limiting mobility.
  2. Heat Retention: Might cause the area to become warm, leading to more sweating.
  3. Fit: A poor fit can lead to the pad slipping or causing discomfort.

Arm Sleeves


  1. Muscle Support: Compression in arm sleeves can help increase blood flow, potentially aiding in muscle performance and recovery.
  2. Temperature Regulation: Certain sleeves are designed to keep arms warm in cold conditions and vice versa.
  3. Skin Protection: Provides a barrier against scrapes and minor abrasions, and can also offer UV protection.
  4. Reduced Muscle Vibration: By compressing the muscles, sleeves can reduce fatigue caused by muscle vibration during activities.
  5. Aesthetics and Style: Many athletes wear them as a fashion statement or to display team colors.


  1. Limited Impact Protection: Unlike elbow pads, sleeves don’t offer much protection from direct hits or severe impacts.
  2. Over-reliance: Players might believe they’re more protected than they actually are.
  3. Potential for Tightness: If not appropriately sized, they can be too tight, restricting blood flow.

5 Best Volleyball Elbow Pads

Volleyball players often encounter intense dives, hits, and fast-paced movements that make protective equipment crucial for their safety and performance. Elbow pads, in particular, play an essential role in safeguarding players against potential injuries. Below, we present the top five volleyball elbow pads, breaking down the unique features of each.

1. Mizuno Elbow Pads (Best Overall)

Mizuno Volleyball elbow pads

I really like these because they do what they’re supposed to do. They protect and support your elbow while being super comfortable. Mizuno is a well-known sportswear brand that you can trust to make quality equipment. And these are made with a breathable fabric that moves with you, so you’ll stay comfy, and the molded pad keeps your elbow safe from any rough impacts.

2. Mizuno Padded Elbow Sleeves (Best Sleeves)

Mizuno padded elbow sleeves

Again another great product from Mizuno. These marry the benefits of sleeves and pads, these are designed for players who desire muscle support alongside protection. They are basically the Mizuno elbow pads with extended sleeves to give more compression.

3. McDavid 6500 Hex Shooter Arm Sleeve (Best Movement)

Mcdavid HEX Arm Sleeve

What I like is that the HEX technology offers impact protection and contours around your elbow. And it’s made of moisture-wicking material to keep your arm dry and comfortable. But I really like how the ergonomic design allows unrestricted movement.

4. Tandem Sport Elbow Pads (Best Value)

Tandem Sport Elbow Pads

Tandem’s elbow pads have become favorites among many volleyball enthusiasts. Their thick foam padding is complemented by elastic sleeves that stretch for a comfortable tight fit. And best of all its a good value, sold at a good price.

5. Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads (Most Affordable)

Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads

Designed with a slim profile so they wont interfere with your play. Also it has a snug fit, by distributing the impact across the pad, reducing the risk of injuries. They are also made with a breathable material to make it more comfortable and lots of padding throughout. Lastly, they are the most affordable pair of elbow pads you can find on the market. Overall a good quality volleyball elbow pad that is priced well.

Things to Consider When Purchasing:

  1. Fit: Ensure that the pad fits snugly without being too tight or too loose. It shouldn’t restrict your movement.
  2. Material: Look for moisture-wicking materials to prevent excessive sweating.
  3. Protection: Depending on your level of play, choose between lightweight options or more heavily padded models.
  4. Durability: Reinforced stitching and high-quality materials can extend the lifespan of the pad.

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