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pickleball paddle covers

Normally when you get a Pickleball paddle, you also get a pickleball paddle cover for it. But sometimes you don’t or you want to use another cover for better protection or style. So we have researched and found the best pickleball paddle covers for you that aren’t from the big pickleball paddle brands, that typically give you a cover that’s included. Or if they don’t your options would normally be to buy the same brand paddle cover as the pickleball paddle.

So in this article we show you some of the best pickleball paddle covers for function, for basic use, and for supreme style! Also let’s go into why you need a pickleball paddle cover, because it shouldn’t be an option it should be a necessary accessory for any pickler!

Why Use A Pickleball Paddle Cover?


A paddle cover acts as a protective shield against potential scratches, dings, or other damages. Even a minor dent can alter the paddle’s performance, so ensuring it’s shielded when not in use is essential.

Enhanced Lifespan

Regular wear and tear can decrease a paddle’s lifespan. Protecting it with a cover can prolong its durability and usability.

Aesthetic Maintenance

Paddles often have designs or brandings that players want to preserve. Covers help maintain their vibrant look.

Easy Transportation

Many covers come with a wrist/should strap, clip, or handle, making it easier to carry the paddle to and from games.

How To Choose the Right Pickleball Paddle Covers?

  1. Material: Ensure the cover is made from durable material, such as neoprene or high-quality fabric, that offers protection against impacts and environmental elements.
  2. Fit: The cover should fit snugly around your paddle. An ill-fitting cover might not provide optimal protection.
  3. Zippered Covers: They come with a zipper mechanism, offering full coverage for the paddle. These are more secure and often have extra pockets for carrying small items like balls or personal belongings.
  4. Design: Find a cover that appeals to your style and preferences. And if it’s a simple black cover that’s also a great option.
  5. Additional Features: Some covers come with extra features, such as pockets for phones, wrist straps, or small accessories for easy carrying.

Best Pickleball Paddle Covers

The options below are not produced by major pickleball paddle manufacturers. They are for those who are seeking something different or for those who did not receive a free paddle cover with their paddle.

So, for example, if you have a Selkirk paddle, most people would have received a Selkirk paddle cover along with their paddle. And if your purchase of a Selkirk paddle didn’t include a paddle cover you are likely to want to have a Selkirk paddle cover. So again that is why I don’t have any pickleball paddle manufacturers paddle covers in this list.

1) Big Dill Pickleball Co. (Best Value)

Big Dill Pickleball Co. paddle cover

A brand that is typically made for Pickleball beginners. This paddle cover is a nice solid, basic, yet functional cover made from high-quality, shock absorbent neoprene material. It is a snug fit for most standard-sized paddles and is available in bright green or black. Overall for the price, this is an excellent choice for your paddle.

2) Pickleball Central (Best Overall)

Pickleball Central paddle cover

The official online store of the PPA Tour. This brand created a cover is made from durable, water-resistant neoprene fabric and has a full-zip design for optimal coverage. Overall it’s an affordable paddle cover that provides excellent protection. It might be a little plain in terms of design but its available in various colors.

3) Palm O Aces Pickleball Paddle Cover (Most Stylish)

Palm O Aces paddle cover

This brand offers a fun, vibrant paddle cover with various stylish designs to choose from. Made from durable, waterproof, high-quality polyester fabric and features a strong zipper closure. So it provides excellent protection for your paddle while also adding some style to your gear.

4) Franklin Pickleball X Paddle Cover (Most Affordable)

Franklin Pickleball X Paddle Cover

I know Franklin produces Pickleball paddles, but I had to put this on the list. Because it’s one of the most affordable pickleball paddle covers on the market. And the fact that it’s made by a well-known brand it won’t skimp on quality. Therefore, at under $10 made with neoprene material, its a great paddle cover for all picklers.

5) Ah Dorned Woven Pickleball Paddle Cover (Most Unique)

Ah Dorned Woven Pickleball Paddle Cover

This is not your average paddle cover. It’s made from a unique woven fabric that is waterproof, stain-resistant, and lightweight. Plus it features a trendy design that will definitely stand out on the court. It has a snug fit with an adjustable strap for easy transportation. This paddle cover is expensive but perfect for those looking for something different and stylish.

6) Posh Pickler Paddle Cover (Our Favorite)

Posh Pickler Paddle Cover

This brand is perfect for those who want a stylish and functional paddle cover. It’s made from high-quality weather-resistant fabric with a soft inner lining to protect your paddle. Plus it has zipper-sealed pockets that allow easy storage of small items like phones, and other accessories. Also, it has a carabiner clip for easy transportation and comes in a retro-colored design that I personally like.

Overall, it’s a bit more expensive than other options, but the quality, functionality, and style make it worth for us to be our favorite cover.


Pickleball paddle covers are an essential accessory for any serious pickleball player. They provide essential protection for the most important equipment for a Pickleball player, your paddle. So make sure to choose a pickleball paddle you like, and don’t forget to grab a good pickleball bag to carry all your gear.

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