Best Soccer Grip Socks: What Are They, Why Use Them, And How To Wear Them!

soccer grip socks

Football, or as it’s known in America, soccer, is a sport that demands agility, precision, and sure-footedness. In a sport where every touch of the ball counts, players are constantly looking for gear that can give them an edge. Enter soccer grip socks.

What are Grip Socks?

Grip socks, also known as non-slip or anti-slip socks, are socks that have rubberized patterns or grips on the sole to reduce the risk of slipping on smooth surfaces. They come in various styles, lengths, and materials, and their primary purpose is to enhance traction.

Uses and Benefits of Grip Socks:

  1. Sports: In sports like soccer or football, players wear grip socks to prevent their feet from sliding inside their boots, providing better control and reducing the risk of blisters. Similarly, dancers or gymnasts might use them to avoid slips during performances.
  2. Medical Settings: Patients in hospitals or care facilities might wear grip socks to prevent slips and falls, especially on the typically smooth floors found in these environments.
  3. Home Use: For individuals, especially the elderly, who want extra traction on hardwood or tile floors at home, grip socks can be a safer alternative to regular socks.
  4. Pilates and Yoga: Some grip socks are designed specifically for activities like Pilates and yoga. They offer a better grip on the mat, enhancing stability and performance during exercises.
  5. Travel: Some people wear grip socks during air travel because they provide warmth and reduce the risk of slipping when walking around without shoes.

Features of Grip Socks:

  • Material: Grip socks are typically made of a blend of materials, including cotton, spandex, and polyester. This combination ensures elasticity, comfort, and durability.
  • Traction Pads: The bottom of grip socks features rubberized patterns or grips. These grips are often made from PVC or silicone.
  • Variety: Grip socks come in various lengths, including no-show, ankle-length, crew-length, and even knee-high. The type of grip sock chosen often depends on the intended activity and personal preference.
  • Additional Features: Some grip socks might offer other features, such as arch support or cushioned soles, for added comfort and performance.

What are Soccer Grip Socks?

Soccer grip socks are specialized socks that are designed to enhance a player’s performance by providing increased grip inside their boots. They come equipped with non-slip grip pads on the sole, which ensure that the foot doesn’t slide around inside the boot, thereby maximizing the player’s control and stability.

These socks are constructed from breathable materials, offering moisture-wicking properties to keep feet dry. This is particularly useful for players who sweat a lot, as a wet foot can reduce traction inside the boot.

Why Do Players Use Them?

  1. Enhanced Stability and Control: The primary reason players wear grip socks is for the enhanced grip they provide. This grip ensures that there’s minimal foot movement inside the boot, which in turn gives players a better feel for the ball.
  2. Injury Prevention: By reducing internal foot movement, these socks can potentially reduce the risk of blisters and other foot-related injuries.
  3. Comfort: Many of these socks are not just designed for grip but also for comfort. They often feature padded zones, arch support, and a snug fit, all of which contribute to a more comfortable playing experience.
  4. Improved Performance: All of the above factors combined can potentially lead to improved performance on the field. By having a solid footing, players can make sharper cuts, execute better shots, and generally feel more confident in their movement.

How To Wear Grip Socks For Soccer?

What You’ll Need

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Put On the Grip Socks: Start by wearing your grip socks.
  2. Cut the Long Soccer Socks: Using the scissors, carefully cut the foot part off the long soccer socks, so you’re left with just the tube section.
  3. Roll the Cut Soccer Socks: Take the cut section of the soccer socks and roll it up. Once rolled, pull it over your ankle. Make sure you don’t go further than the ankle at this point.
  4. Position the Shin Guards: Slide the shin guards under the grip socks so that they sit against the front of your shins. Depending on their size and your preference, only about 3/4 of the shin guard might be covered by the grip sock.
  5. Pull Up the Long Soccer Socks: Extend the rolled-up soccer sock tube over the shin guards, pulling it up so it reaches just below your knee. This helps to hold the shin guards in place.
  6. *Optional – Tape the Socks: If you wish to add extra security, take the sports tape and tape where the long soccer socks were cut, affixing them onto the grip socks. Do this on both sides of each leg, ensuring the tape is snug but not too tight.
  7. *Optional – Add Shin Guard Stays: Place the shin guard stays over the tape (or directly over the sock if you skipped the taping step), wrapping them around your shin. This further ensures the shin guards remain in place during play.
  8. Lace Up Your Cleats: With your socks and shin guards securely in place, it’s time to put on your soccer cleats. Ensure a snug fit, with your foot feeling comfortable and stable inside.

8 Best Grip Socks For Soccer

1) LuxSports Anti-Slip Soccer Grip Socks (Best Reviewed)

  • Strong anti-slip grip ensures stability and high performance during play.
  • Made with durable material designed for frequent use.
  • Rubber pad sole to prevent blisters
  • Comfy, valuable, high-quality, and grippy.
  • A small % of users find them to be generic and not great quality

2) Maestro Sportswear Grip Socks (Best Overall)

  • Premium quality, comfortable, and perfectly sized for soccer.
  • Made with efficient moisture-wicking material to keep feet dry.
  • Reinforced heel (Y-stitch) areas enhance durability and performance
  • Many positive reviews praise their great fit, comfort, breathability, and effective anti-slip pads.
  • Priced on the higher end of the spectrum

3) Yufree Soccer Grip Socks (Best Value)

  • Comes in a 4-pack so it offers great value for its price point
  • Great quality, good comfort, and durability are frequently praised in many positive reviews.
  • Multi-ventilation for breathable design.
  • Moisture wicking and anti-skid silica gel on the bottom
  • A few users report quick wear and tear

4) Senda Grip Socks (Best For Soccer)

  • Gravity Technology with a good air flow ventilation system
  • Made with extra cushioning to provide greater comfort and balance
  • Silicone pads across the sole prevent foot slippage
  • Good-length, high-quality socks for soccer
  • More expensive than some other grip socks.

5) Bombas Grip Socks (Best Ankle Socks)

bombas grip socks
  • Well-known for their comfort and quality.
  • Incorporates extra cushioning without being bulky.
  • Every purchase contributes to charity, adding a feel-good factor.
  • Ankle socks might not be long enough for soccer

6) DSG Soccer Grip Socks (Good Value)

DSG soccer grip socks
  • Designed as a crew height classic look socks.
  • Suitable for various sports beyond just soccer.
  • Great value comes in a 2-pack
  • Many good reviews highlight the comfort and value of the product.
  • Basic look for those looking for color

7) Nike Soccer Grip Socks

  • Supported by one of the most reputable sportswear brands.
  • Features Dri-FIT technology for moisture management.
  • Offers a consistent and snug fit across different sizes.
  • Instead of grip patterns, Nike uses anti-slip yarn
  • On the more expensive side due to brand prestige.
  • Durability has been an issue for some users

8) Trusox Men’s Standard 3.0

  • Patented design with grip pads on both the inside and outside of the sock.
  • Provides maximum grip and stability for players.
  • Made with moisture-wicking material to keep feet dry.
  • Expensive relative to other grip socks

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