7 Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet: Performance and Comfort!

best soccer cleats for wide feet

For soccer players with wide feet, finding the perfect cleats can be a challenge. Standard soccer cleats can cause discomfort, blisters, and other issues when worn by players with wider feet. The right pair of cleats, however, can improve comfort, performance, and reduce the risk of foot injuries. If you are on the hunt for the best soccer cleats for wide feet, here are our seven (7) top recommendations:

Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

1) Puma Future Z Ultimate

Puma Future Z

Listed on my boot for best soccer cleats, it also works well with those with wide feet. Its adaptive FUZIONFIT+ compression band ensures a snug yet comfortable fit, contouring naturally to broader foot shapes. Additionally, the innovative Netfit lacing system allows for custom-tailored support, letting players with wide feet cinch or expand the fit to their comfort level.

Made from a flexible, yet durable material, these cleats provide the perfect blend of comfort and responsiveness on the pitch.

2) New Balance Furon v7


The New Balance Furon v7 is a revelation for those of us with wider feet. Its design ensures a snug fit without the squeeze, allowing for optimal control and movement on the field.

But what truly sets New Balance apart is their consistent commitment to inclusivity—offering a wide-width option for every boot in their lineup. A real game-changer for wide-footed players!

3) Nike Phantom GX Elite

Nike Phantom GX

The Nike Phantom GX Elite isn’t just another soccer cleat—it’s used by many of the top soccer athletes in the world.

While not explicitly crafted for wide feet, it delivers a pleasant surprise. Its adaptive design and flexible materials envelop wider feet in a manner that feels snug, not suffocating. On the pitch, this translates to enhanced ball control and reduced foot fatigue. While most reviews agree, a few mention that it could feel a bit narrow.

4) Nike Tiempo Legend

Nike Tiempo Legend

The Nike Tiempo Legend has always been a favorite among soccer enthusiasts, especially those with wider feet. Its soft leather upper naturally molds to the shape of your foot, providing a custom-like fit. While not specifically designed for wide feet, the Tiempo Legend’s roomy construction and forgiving materials easily accommodate broader feet.

Overall, this combination of comfort and performance is recommended for wide feet players.

5) Adidas Predator Precision

Adidas Predator Precision soccer cleats for wide feet

The Adidas Predator Precision has a stretchy synthetic upper accommodates broader feet effortlessly, providing a tailored, glove-like fit. The design naturally expands to meet individual needs, ensuring a blend of stability and flexibility.

On the field, it’s all about smooth ball control and long-lasting comfort. And most reviews agree, saying it’s perfect for wide feet and they like how comfy and good it feels.

6) New Balance Tekela

New Balance Tekela Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

The New Balance Tekela is all about comfort and agility on the pitch. Its intuitive design, with a stretch-knit upper and minimal texture, cradles your foot for a great fit. They offer a wide-width option across their shoe range, so even if you have wider feet, there’s an option tailored just for you. So not only does the Tekela impress on its own, but knowing there’s a shoe designed for wider feet takes the experience to the next level.

7) Adidas Copa Mundial

Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleats for wide feet

This iconic cleat, with its premium leather upper, naturally stretches and molds to the foot’s unique contours, offering unparalleled comfort. While not exclusively designed for wide feet, the Copa Mundial’s generous fit and adaptive nature make it a favorite among players seeking space without sacrificing performance.

What Are The Best Brands For Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet?

best soccer cleats for wide feet

Finding the right brand for wide-footed soccer players is crucial for both comfort and performance. Several soccer cleat brands have recognized the need and have models that accommodate wider feet better than others. Here are some of the best brands for soccer cleats for players with wide feet:

  1. New Balance: New Balance is well-known for catering to a wider foot shape in the running shoe market, and their soccer cleats are no exception. Models like the Furon and Tekela are popular choices, and the brand consistently offers a wide-width option for many of their cleats.
  2. PUMA: Certain models from PUMA, like the Future series, are designed with a wider fit in mind, making them a comfortable choice for players with broad feet.
  3. Adidas: While not all Adidas cleats are fit for wide feet, certain models like the Copa Mundial have been beloved by players with wider feet for years due to their genuine leather uppers that stretch and mold to the foot.
  4. Mizuno: This brand is often overlooked in the Western market but is renowned for its comfortable fit and high-quality materials. The Rebula and Morelia series, in particular, offer a generous fit suitable for wider feet.
  5. Nike: Although traditionally Nike soccer cleats have a reputation for being narrower, certain models like the Tiempo Legend have a more forgiving fit for those with wider feet.

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