Top 12 Kids Soccer Cleats and How to Choose the Perfect Pair!

kids soccer cleats

Soccer is a widely popular sport, and if your child is starting to show interest, then you’ll definitely need to invest in a good pair of kids soccer cleats.

Most kids desire a stylish, colorful cleat, or one endorsed by their favorite player. However, as parents, you understand the importance of finding something that is also comfortable, durable, and performs well.

So, finding the perfect pair can be a little bit overwhelming given the options available, but worry not! Here’s our guide to the top 12 kids soccer cleats and how to choose them.

Best Kids Soccer Cleats

1) Nike Mercurial Superfly (Good overall)

Nike Jr. Mercurial Vapor 15 Academy

The Nike Jr. Mercurial Vapor 15 Academy for kids seamlessly melds style and functionality in a pair that’s every young footballer’s dream. Aesthetically, its sleek design captures the essence of modern soccer fashion, making young players feel like pros on the pitch.

Many reviews say that comfort hasn’t been compromised for style. Kids can play with ease and confidence, thanks to the cushioned insole and supportive fit. Notably, the laceless design is a game-changer – making it incredibly easy for kids to slip them on and off.

2) Adidas Predator Accuracy .1 (Good For Competitive)

Adidas Predator Accuracy .1 kids soccer cleats

The Adidas Predator Accuracy .1 for kids is a stylish and high-performance soccer shoe designed for young, competitive players. It offers enhanced ball control and precision, boosting in-game confidence.

Most reviews highlight the kids’ love for the show’s style, but there are concerns about its durability.. Overall, it is a vibrant choice for kids in competitive leagues.

3) DSG Kids (Most Affordable)

DSG Kids soccer cleats

DSG Kids Soccer Cleats are an excellent choice for parents seeking quality and affordability in one package. Crafted with young athletes in mind, these cleats offer a durable construction, ensuring they can withstand the rough and tumble of youth soccer games

These shoes received rave reviews for their durability, comfort, style, and lightness. One reviewer said they held up well for a full year of use and were even passed on to someone else once outgrown. Overall, its perfect for soccer players and are well liked by both parents and players alike.

Also when bundled with a youth soccer package, these cleats can be snagged at an even greater discount, offering further savings.

4) Adidas Kids’ Adizero Spark

Performance-wise, the Adizero Spark truly shines. Although the design is what captures most of the attention. The grip and traction provide excellent stability for matches and practices. The snug fit offers a perfect balance between comfort and performance.

Most reviews say their kids love colors are so fun and say they’re comfy!!

5) Nike Kids Tiempo Legend 9 Academy (Great For Wide Feet)

Nike Kids Tiempo Legend 9 Academy

The Nike Jr. Tiempo Legend 9 Academy MG is one of their lightest Tiempos yet, designed specifically for aggressive youth players. With a low-profile design and crafted from supersoft leather, it provides cushioned support while allowing your kids to take the offensive on the field.

Mostly positive reviews for these kids’ shoes, with kids praising their comfort, good quality, and suitability for wide feet.

6) Adidas Kids’ Goletto VIII FG (Great Value)

Adidas Kids' soccer cleats Goletto VIII FG

Good quality and durability at a reasonable price. These beginner-level soccer cleats offer easy break-in and great traction. The soft, lightweight synthetic upper enhances the game while the heel padding provides added comfort.

Overall, many positive reviews highlight that kids love the color, find them comfortable for the most part, and consider them reasonably durable.

7) Adidas X SpeedPortal Messi .3 FG (Great For Speed)

Adidas X SpeedPortal Messi .3 FG

These boots are built for speed. Underneath, two extra forefoot studs help you fly on firm ground. They offer a perfect fit and a great ball feel. So they are loved for fast-paced, competitive games. Most importantly, they are comfortable, well-designed, and have a bright and super stylish look.

Overall, they have many positive reviews that say these cleats provide great quality and build, making them a favorite among competitive youth players. And if your kid is a Messi fan, like most are, then they’ll absolutely love it!

8) Adidas X CrazyFast Messi .1 FG (Most Expensive)

Adidas X CrazyFast Messi .1 FG kids soccer cleats

The Adidas .1 kids soccer cleat is a top-tier option, known for its exceptional quality. It offers a lightweight design with thin material, allowing your child to achieve maximum speed on the field.

Most reviews for these cleats are overwhelmingly positive. Kids find them comfortable and love their amazing style. They are also praised for their great quality and lightweight materials. Ideal for competitive youth leagues.

9) Adidas Gamemode (Lego Fan)

Adidas Gamemode soccer cleats for kids

Designed to provide a comfortable fit for various foot shapes, these soccer cleats for juniors offer a cushioned touch with their soft HybridTouch upper. Plus, the design draws inspiration from LEGO® bricks, adding an eye-catching touch!

The shoe has received numerous positive reviews, with many praising its quality and affordability, especially for beginners. One reviewer even described it as cool, comfortable, and confidence-boosting, providing good control and protection during gameplay.

10) PUMA Kids’ FUTURE Z 3.4 FG

PUMA Kids' FUTURE Z 3.4 FG (64.99)

FUZIONFIT+ technology provides the ideal balance of support and flexibility for your children’s feet. Also it has an adaptive design that conforms to the shape of your foot, ensuring optimal fit and performance.

Mostly positive reviews for this shoe. The kids have praised its comfort and good grip. Plus, the cleats hug the foot well, providing a comfortable fit. However, some find them difficult to put on.

11) Adidas Copa Pure .3 (Good Value)

Kids Adidas Copa Pure .3

These juniors’ soccer cleats combine a heritage-inspired design with comfort and performance. The soft synthetic leather forefoot ensures a comfortable fit, while the specialized outsole provides stability on dry natural grass.

These kids’ soccer cleats have received numerous positive reviews. Customers praise the classic color combination, great quality for the price, easy washability for muddy football, and the soft material that is perfect for younger children’s feet.

12) Nike Kids’ Mercurial Zoom Vapor 15 Academy (Best Indoor)

Great indoor shoes for kids with snappy and responsive Zoom Air cushioning for a quick-off-the-ground feel. The rubber outsole offers multidirectional traction on indoor surfaces.

Positive reviews rave about this shoe, praising its awesome color and perfect fit. Well-made, stylish, and comfortable, these indoor shoes are a hit with most. Perfect for little feet with pull tabs and dual straps for easy-on design. And a good bargain!

How to Choose Soccer Cleats for Your Kid?

kids soccer cleats
  1. Playing Surface: Different fields require different studs. For grass, FG (firm ground) cleats are ideal. For artificial turf, AG (artificial ground) cleats work best.
  2. Position: Forwards may prefer lightweight cleats for speed. Midfielders might look for a balance between ball control and agility. Defenders often go for more protective and stable cleats.
  3. Material: Leather offers a softer feel and better ball control but might wear out faster. Synthetic materials can be more durable and often lighter.
  4. Fit: A snug fit is crucial. Loose cleats can lead to blisters, while very tight ones might cause discomfort.
  5. Budget: While it’s tempting to buy the priciest cleats, there are plenty of budget-friendly options that offer great value and performance.

Should You Size Up When Buying Kids Soccer Cleats?

It’s tempting to buy larger cleats, thinking kids will grow into them. However, oversized cleats can hinder performance and even lead to injuries due to a lack of proper foot support. It’s best to buy cleats that fit well now.

That being said, a little room for growth is okay. A thumb’s width from the end of the shoe is a good rule of thumb. It’s also important to consider the width of the shoe, ensuring it matches the width of your child’s foot.

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