Best Golf Rain Gear: Staying Dry on the Course

best golf rain gear

Golfing under a clear sky with the sun shining brightly is undoubtedly the ideal scenario for most golfers. However, occasionally, you might find yourself caught in the rain or facing unpredictable weather conditions (ex. a quick rain shower in Florida). To ensure that you remain dry, comfortable, and focused on your game, investing in high-quality golf rain gear and waterproof shoes is essential. Let’s explore some of the best golf rain gear options for all golf enthusiasts.

How To Choose Rain Jackets & Rain Pants?

1. Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

  • Waterproof: Offers complete protection from rain. Usually comes with sealed seams to prevent water entry.
  • Water-Resistant: Can handle light rain or short periods of exposure but may not hold up under prolonged or heavy rain.

2. Breathability

  • Look for materials that allow moisture from your body (sweat) to escape. This prevents clamminess and discomfort.
  • Venting features like pit-zips, back vents, or mesh lining can enhance breathability.

3. Material and Construction

  • Common materials include Gore-Tex and other proprietary fabrics from brands.
  • The fabric should be durable to withstand potential abrasions and wear.

4. Fit and Mobility

  • Jackets: Should allow a free range of motion, especially in the shoulders and arms, without feeling constricted.
  • Pants: Should not restrict leg movement and should comfortably fit over your regular pants or shorts.

5. Layering

  • Ensure there’s enough room underneath the jacket (for shirts) and pants for layering, especially if you plan to use them in colder conditions.

6. Adjustable Features

  • Jackets: Look for adjustable cuffs, hem, and hood. This helps to create a snug fit and keeps rain and wind out.
  • Pants: Adjustable waistbands and leg openings are a plus.

7. Sealed Seams

  • For complete protection, ensure that the jacket and pants have fully sealed or taped seams. This prevents water from seeping in through the stitch lines.

8. Zippers

  • Opt for jackets and pants with water-resistant or storm-flapped zippers to prevent water ingress.
  • A two-way front zipper on a jacket is useful for ventilation.

9. Pockets

  • Ensure there are enough pockets for your needs and that they are strategically placed.
  • Water-resistant zippers or flaps on pockets are beneficial to keep contents dry.

10. Hood Design

  • An adjustable and well-fitting hood is essential for head protection.
  • A brim or visor on the hood helps to keep rain off your face.

11. Packability

  • If you plan to carry the jacket and pants for occasional use, they should be lightweight and packable.

12. Durability

  • Reinforced areas, such as elbows or knees, add to the longevity of the garment.
  • The material should resist tears and abrasions.

13. Price vs. Quality

  • While you often get what you pay for, sometimes mid-range products offer excellent value for their quality.
  • Consider how often and under what conditions you’ll use the garments when determining your budget.

14. Care and Maintenance

  • Ensure the garments can be easily cleaned and maintained. Some materials might require special care or periodic re-treatment for water repellency.

15. Style and Aesthetics

  • While functionality is primary, you might also have preferences regarding the color, design, or style.

Top 10 Best Rain Jackets

1. Nike Storm-FIT ADV Men’s Full-Zip Golf Jacket (Most Modern)


Designed with their Storm-FIT technology, this jacket offers good protection against wind and rain. Spacious zippered pockets for your phone, scorecard, or glove while walking the course. This is a cool, minimalistic-looking jacket with lightweight fabric and a water-repellent finish.


Higher price point and the modern look might not appeal to all golfers.

2. Nike Storm-FIT Victory Full-Zip Golf Jacket (Best Value)

Nike Storm-FIT Victory Full-Zip Golf Jacket

Combining classic design with the trusted Storm-FIT technology, this jacket promises breathability and warmth alongside rain protection. It also has a lightweight, stretchy, and quiet fabric that allows you to swing and move freely. Quality jacket at a good price especially when you can find it discounted!


Some might find the fit a bit snug on the shoulders.

3. Adidas Men’s RAIN.RDY Full-Zip Jacket

Adidas Men's RAIN.RDY Full-Zip Jacket

Their RAIN.RDY technology ensures total waterproofing and its true it keeps you dry. Also the full-zip feature allows for quick removal during intermittent rain. And I find the jacket is also quite stylish and it doesn’t restrict the swing.


Come at a higher price point. Although they look good, I didn’t use the chest zip pockets because when I put things inside they felt awkward when I swung.

4. Callaway Swing Tech Wind and Water Resistant Jacket (Best Lightweight)

Callaway Swing Tech Wind and Water Resistant Jacket

Incorporating their Swing Tech design, this jacket offers and little more stretchy material and a better range of motion. Water-resistant and windproof features make it a solid choice for unpredictable weather. It also has a high mock collar and zippered hand pockets for warmth. More affordable than other jackets on this list.


Not entirely waterproof for heavy rain conditions, more like a windbreaker that keeps you dry.

5. KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 Rain Jacket (Best High-End)

KJUS rain jacket

Known for making premium ski and golf gear. This jacket is made with professional golfers in mind, it offers superior waterproofing and stretch fabric for an unrestricted swing. It’s lightweight and has a high-quality feel.


It’s a premium product with a premium price tag.

6. Galvin Green Armstrong – Waterproof Jacket

Galvin Green Armstrong - Waterproof Jacket

Known for its top-quality golf gear, Galvin Green doesn’t disappoint with this jacket. It provides complete waterproofing and breathability, ensuring maximum comfort. Also great functionality to not restrict your golf swing.


Very Expensive

7. FootJoy HydroLite Short Sleeve Rain (Best Short Sleeve)

FootJoy HydroLite Short Sleeve Rain jacket

For those who prefer a short-sleeved option, this is an excellent choice. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and doesn’t restrict the swing. Ideal for warm rainy days. But I also use for cooler rainy days and layer up underneath.


Doesn’t provide full protection from rain.

8. Peter Millar Shield Half-Zip Rain Shell (Best On/Off Course)

Peter Millar Shield Half-Zip golf Rain jacket

This jacket combines functionality with elegance. The half-zip design is trendy, and its waterproof features are reliable. Soft and comfortable, perfect for wearing on or off the golf course.


The half-zip design may not be everyone’s preference and the price is on the higher side.

9. PUMA DRYLBL Rain Golf Jacket (Our Favorite)

PUMA DRYLBL Rain Golf Jacket

PUMA’s DRYLBL technology promises to keep you dry in wet conditions. The jacket also boasts a modern design and a comfortable fit. It’s a stylish, top-notch, 100% waterproof jacket that won’t hinder your golf swing.


Sizing might run a bit small for some.

10. Columbia Men’s Watertight II Rain Jacket (Most Affordable)


A versatile choice not just for golf, this jacket from Columbia offers dependable rain protection with its watertight technology. It’s also lightweight, packable, and affordable.


Not made with golf in mind, but it worked when I wore it for 18 holes.

7 Best Rain Pants

1. PUMA DRYLBL Rain Golf Pants (Our Favorite)

PUMA DRYLBL Rain Golf Pants

Designed with their signature DRYLBL technology, these pants offer top-tier waterproof protection. They’re stylish and feature adjustable leg openings for easy wear and removal.


A bit more on the pricier side.

2. Nike Storm-FIT ADV Golf Pants (Best Rain Pants)

Nike Storm-FIT ADV Golf Pants

Leveraging Nike’s renowned Storm-FIT technology, these pants promise to keep the rain out while providing maximum comfort. They also provided a good fit and flexibility during swings.



3. Adidas RAIN.RDY Golf Pants

Adidas RAIN.RDY Golf Pants

These pants come with their reliable RAIN.RDY technology, ensuring you stay dry even in heavy rain. The elastic waistband and drawstring ensure a snug and comfortable fit. It’s lightweight and comfy.


A little more pricier and a little baggier fit.

4. Callaway Mens StormGuard Water-Resistant Golf Pant

Callaway Mens StormGuard Water-Resistant Golf Pant

Callaway’s StormGuard technology ensures that these pants are not only water-resistant but also comfortable. They come with adjustable leg closures and water-resistant seam zippers. They fit well and can be worn over shorts or pants.


They are water-resistant and may not hold up in prolonged heavy rain. They do run a little long. They’re a bit large, so order a size down as recommended.

5. Under Armour Golf Rain Pants (Best Value)

Under Armour Golf Rain Pants

Known for their sportswear, Under Armour’s golf rain pants promise durability and waterproof protection. They’re lightweight and designed for mobility. They offer various lengths for golfers of different heights. Good value for golf rain pants.


Some find they are too breathable and not good for cold weather.

6. FootJoy HydroTour Rain Pants (Best Fitted Pant)

FootJoy HydroTour Rain Pants

Designed for serious golfers, the FootJoy HydroTour pants provide superior waterproofing and feature a four-way stretch fabric for an unrestricted swing. Their liner also traps insulated air for constant temperature regulation. The fit is great, and the material is high-quality. Along with the Under Armour, these are our favorite golf rain pants.


Higher price tag

7. Helly-Hansen Mens Dubliner Waterproof Windproof Rain Pant (Most Affordable)

Helly-Hansen Mens Dubliner Waterproof Windproof Rain Pant

A versatile option, these pants are not only suitable for golf but for various outdoor activities. They are waterproof, windproof, and made with Helly Tech Protection. Great price for golf rain pants that do the job!


They have a more generic design, which may not appeal to those looking for a more golf-specific look.


What do you wear golfing in the rain?

Wearing the right gear is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable round of golf in the rain. It’s recommended to wear waterproof jackets and pants, preferably made with breathable materials. Don’t forget to also pack an umbrella and a waterproof hat or cap.

Are rain pants necessary for golf?

If it’s raining, YES. It’s much more preferable to avoid getting soggy pants.

But while not necessary, rain pants can greatly enhance your experience on the golf course in wet conditions. They provide added protection and help keep you dry and comfortable throughout your round.

Do golf rain pants go over regular pants?

Yes, golf rain pants are designed to go over your regular pants. They are typically looser and more lightweight than regular pants, allowing for easy wear and removal. The adjustable leg openings also make it convenient to put them on or take them off during a round of golf. Additionally, wearing rain pants over regular pants can provide added warmth on colder days.

However, you can also just wear rain pants as your golf pants for the round. It depends on your preference and the weather conditions.

Can golf courses be too wet to play?

Yes, golf courses can become too wet to play in certain conditions and they will close the course. Excessively soggy and muddy conditions can make it difficult to maneuver the course and may even damage the turf. It’s always best to check with the course or your local weather forecast before heading out to play in wet conditions.

Why is golf rain gear so expensive?

Golf rain gear, like any other specialized sports gear, is made with specific materials and technologies that make them waterproof and suitable for the sport. These technologies come at a cost and can drive up the price of golf rain gear. Additionally, they may also be seen as luxury items due to their association with a higher-end sport like golf. However, investing in quality rain gear can greatly enhance your experience on the course and make it more comfortable to play in wet conditions.

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