Top 9 Best Golf Grips & Why They Are So Important For Your Game

best golf grips

Golf is a game of precision and technique. From the stance to the swing, every aspect of your game needs to be on point to achieve the desired result. One key component that many amateur golfers overlook is the golf grip. The grip is your only point of contact with the club, making it one of the most crucial elements in the game.

Why Are Golf Grips So Important?

  1. Primary Point of Contact: The grip is the only part of the club that a golfer touches. Thus, the feel and control of the entire club stem from this point of contact.
  2. Control and Accuracy: A proper grip ensures that you have better control over the club during your swing, reducing the chances of mis-hits or slices.
  3. Comfort and Feel: Golf grips provide cushioning, reducing vibrations that travel from the club to your hands. This not only offers better feel of the shot but also minimizes fatigue, especially during long rounds.
  4. Confidence: Knowing you have a firm, comfortable hold on your club can boost your confidence, leading to better shot execution.
  5. Feedback: A quality grip provides the golfer with feedback on their shots. Players can feel the vibrations from mishits, helping them adjust their swing or strike in subsequent shots.
  6. Performance in Adverse Conditions: In conditions like rain or high humidity, a good grip can make all the difference. Specific grips are designed to offer better traction in wet conditions, ensuring the club doesn’t slip during the swing.
  7. Influence on Swing Mechanics: The size and type of grip can influence how a golfer places their hands on the club, which in turn can affect swing mechanics. For example, a grip that’s too large might hinder proper wrist action, while one that’s too small could lead to overactive hands and wrists.

Different Types of Golf Grips

There are various types of golf grips available in the market, each offering a unique feel and advantage. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Rubber Grips: These are the most common type of grips. They provide a good balance of comfort and traction, making them suitable for various conditions.
  2. Corded Grips: Made with a mix of rubber and cord material, these grips offer extra traction, especially in wet conditions. They are preferred by players who want a firmer grip.
  3. Wrap Grips: These are designed to look like leather wraps (though they are usually made of rubber or synthetic material). They offer a softer feel and are preferred by players who want more hand comfort.
  4. Putter Grips: Specifically designed for putters, they come in various shapes and sizes, from flat to round to oversized. The right putter grip can improve feel and stability during putting strokes.
  5. Specialty Grips: These grips are designed for specific needs, like arthritis-friendly grips that are larger and softer to reduce hand strain.

How To Choose The Right Golf Grips?

  1. Assess Your Hand Size (measured from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger):
    • Standard Grip: Suitable for players with hand sizes of 6.6 inches to 7.5 inches.
    • Midsize Grip: Ideal for hand sizes from 7.6 inches to 9 inches.
    • Oversize/Jumbo Grip: Best for hands larger than 9 inches.
    • Undersize/Junior Grip: Perfect for hands smaller than 6.5 inches.
  2. Grip Material & Texture:
    • Rubber: Most common material offering durability and a wide range of textures.
    • Corded: Has a cord material embedded, offering better grip in humid or wet conditions.
    • Wrap: Provides a softer feel, resembling leather wraps.
    • Synthetic: Diverse range of textures and feels, can be combined with other materials.
      Choose based on your preference and the playing conditions you frequently encounter.
  3. Grip Firmness:
    • Some players prefer a softer grip for enhanced comfort, while others prefer a firmer grip for better feedback and control.
  4. Tapering:
    • Standard Taper: The grip gets thinner from the top down.
    • Reduced Taper: The grip has a more consistent thickness. This design can encourage even grip pressure in both hands.
  5. Weather Conditions:
    • If you often play in wet or humid conditions, consider a corded or a grip with a more tactile texture.
  6. Grip Maintenance and Longevity:
    • Consider how often you play. If you’re a regular golfer, you might want a durable grip that requires less frequent replacement.
  7. Feel and Feedback:
    • Grips with more cushioning can offer a softer feel and reduce vibration. In contrast, firmer grips can provide more feedback on shots.
  8. Personal Preference: Some players prefer a softer feel, while others want a firmer grip. It’s essential to find a grip that feels right for you.

Top 9 Best Golf Grips

1) Golf Pride Tour Velvet (Most Popular)

Golf Pride Tour Velvet golf grips
  1. Traction: For me, the grip offers excellent non-slip performance due to its scientifically designed surface pattern.
  2. Durability: Known for its durability and longevity, I’ve had these grips for a over a few years with no issues.
  3. Consistent Feel: I really appreciate the consistent and moderate firmness it provides, which aids in reliable shot-making.
  4. Affordability: Compared to some other premium grip options, the Tour Velvet offers great value for money.
  5. Simple Design: Its no-nonsense, classic design appeals to those who prefer a straightforward look without flashy branding or colors.
  1. Wet Performance: While it offers good traction in dry conditions, it might not perform as well as corded or specialized wet-weather grips in rain or extreme humidity.
  2. Aesthetics: Some players might find its traditional and straightforward design less appealing compared to more modern, visually-striking grips.
  3. Feel: Players who prefer a softer or more cushioned grip might find the Tour Velvet a bit too firm for their liking.

2) Golf Pride MultiCompound (MCC) Grips (Best Reviewed)

Golf Pride MCC Golf Grips
  1. Hybrid Design: The combination of corded rubber in the upper hand and softer rubber in the lower hand provides a blend of responsiveness and comfort.
  2. Enhanced Traction: The corded section provides excellent traction, especially beneficial in humid or wet conditions. For example I like to play in the early mornings and they can get a little wet so this grip is quite helpful.
  3. Responsive Feedback: The firmer, corded upper portion provides players with improved feedback on their shots, allowing them to adjust as necessary.
  4. Reduced Taper: Many versions of the MultiCompound feature reduced taper designs, which can promote even grip pressure and potentially reduce hooking tendencies.
  5. Durability: The combination of materials, especially the corded portion, tends to be long-lasting and wear-resistant.
  6. Aesthetically Pleasing: The MultiCompound is available in various color combinations, allowing players to have a touch of personalization.
  1. Firmness: While the corded section provides excellent feedback and traction, some players might find it too firm or rough, especially if they have sensitive hands or play without gloves.
  2. Maintenance: Corded grips can get dirty, and the cord can lose its efficacy if not cleaned regularly.
  3. Colors: Many reviewers commented that they were disappointed with the color of the grip.

3) Lamkin Crossline (Most Affordable)

  1. Consistent Traction: Crossline pattern is iconic in the grip industry and offers excellent traction.
  2. Durable: Made with a synthetic rubber compound, the grip is built to last and resist wear over time.
  3. Price: Generally, the Lamkin Crossline is priced more affordably compared to some other premium grips, making it a good value for its quality.
  4. Firm and Responsive: Provides a good balance of firmness, allowing players to receive ample feedback from their shots.
  5. Great Reviews: Many have enjoyed the feel of this grip and like the value.
  1. Feel: While many appreciate its firmer feel, some players might find the Crossline a bit too rigid, especially if they’re accustomed to softer grips.
  2. Durability: Some golfers have reported issues with their grips, stating that they fell apart and became slippery.

4) Winn Dri-Tac (My Favorite)

Winn Dri-Tac golf grips
  1. Exceptional Tackiness: As the name suggests, the Dri-Tac is known for its exceptionally tacky feel, providing excellent grip even in all conditions.
  2. Shock Absorption: Winn Dri-Tac offers superior shock absorption, reducing vibration and enhancing comfort during play.
  3. Soft and Comfortable Feel: The grip’s polymer material provides a soft and cushioned feel, which many golfers find comfortable, especially during long rounds.
  4. Attractive Design: The grip boasts a modern design and is available in various colors, appealing to players who prioritize aesthetics.
  5. Great Reviews: Thousands of great reviews stating they like these grips
  1. Durability: While it offers many comfort advantages, the Winn Dri-Tac might wear out faster than traditional rubber or corded grips, especially for frequent players.
  2. Feel: While many players love the soft feel, those who prefer a firmer grip for feedback might find the Dri-Tac too cushioned.

5) Golf Pride CPx Pro (Softest)

 Golf Pride CPx Pro
  1. Comfort: Golf Pride’s softest performance grip yet. This offers players enhanced comfort during their swing.
  2. Good Value: The CPx Pro provides great value for its quality.
  3. Durability: Like most Golf Pride grips, the CPx Pro is known for its longevity and resistance to wear.
  4. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of players, from beginners to more seasoned golfers.
  1. Feel: Some players might find the CPx Pro too soft.

6) Lamkin Sonar+ (Best For All-Weather)

Lamkin Sonar+ Grip
  1. Fingerprint Technology: Lamkin’s proprietary Fingerprint Technology provides a consistent micro-texture pattern across the grip’s surface for optimal hand traction and reduced torque.
  2. Responsive Feel: The blend of materials used in the Sonar+ ensures a responsive and tactile feel, providing players with valuable feedback.
  3. Tacky and Comfortable: The grip provides a nice balance between tackiness and comfort, which can enhance player confidence during swings.
  4. All-weather use: The use of Lamkin’s Genesis material ensures durability and resistance to environmental conditions.
  1. Feel & Size: Players used to traditional rubber or corded grips might find the feel of the Sonar+ different and might require an adjustment period. Also some may consider these grips a little too big.

7) Winn Excel (Good For Arthritic Fingers)

Winn Excel
  1. Exceptionally Soft Feel: One of the primary attractions of the Winn Excel is its soft and cushioned feel, which many golfers find comfortable, especially during extended play.
  2. Absorbs Shock: Due to its soft nature, the grip effectively reduces vibration, which can be particularly beneficial on mishits.
  3. Lightweight: The material used in Winn Excel grips tends to be lighter than traditional rubber, which can help maintain or reduce the overall weight of the club.
  4. Tacky Surface: The grip offers a tacky surface, ensuring a secure grip in various conditions.
  5. Great Reviews: Some golfers say that this grip has helped them with their arthritic fingers.
  1. Durability Concerns: The softness that many appreciate can also be a drawback in terms of durability. These grips tend to wear out faster than firmer rubber or corded grips.
  2. Loss of Tackiness: Over time and with extended use, the tackiness of the grip can diminish, necessitating more frequent replacements.

8) Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G (Best For Larger Hands)

 Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G
  1. One-Piece Construction: The grip offers a consistent feel throughout due to its one-piece simulated wrap grip construction.
  2. Tacky Surface: It boasts a very tacky surface, which ensures a firm and confident grip in multiple conditions.
  3. Durable: Made from a high-quality rubber material, the grip is built to last and resist wear.
  4. Classic Wrapped Look: The grip offers a classic leather wrap appearance, appealing to golfers who prefer a traditional aesthetic..
  5. Affordability: Compared to some premium grip models, this grip offers good value for its price.
  6. Great Reviews: Hundreds of great reviews. Many mention that they are good for larger hands.
  1. Less Feedback: Some golfers feel that the softer nature of the grip reduces the amount of feedback.
  2. Maintenance: Due to its tacky nature, the grip can attract dirt and oils over time, requiring regular cleaning to maintain its optimal performance.

9) Lamkin UTX

Lamkin UTX
  1. Traction: The integration of full-cord sections in the grip offers excellent traction, making it suitable for various conditions, especially wet or humid play.
  2. Layered Design: The multi-layer technology offers a responsive feel, balancing firmness from the corded sections with softness from the rubber areas.
  3. Durability: Corded grips, including the UTX, tend to be more durable and wear-resistant than those made of pure rubber.
  4. Great Reviews: Golfers loved the wide range of color options and found them very comfortable. Great look and value for money!
  1. Wear on Gloves: As with many corded grips, the UTX might lead to quicker wear and tear on golf gloves due to its texture.
  2. Installation: Some users have noted that installing the Lamkin UTX can be slightly more challenging compared to softer grips, especially for DIY regripping.

How Long Do Golf Grips Last?

As with any equipment, the lifespan of golf grips can vary depending on factors such as usage, playing conditions, and maintenance. On average, most manufacturers recommend replacing your grips every 40-60 rounds or at least once a year.

However, for frequent players who play multiple times a week or in harsher weather conditions, it may be necessary to replace grips more often, possibly every 20-30 rounds.

It’s also essential to regularly clean and maintain your grips by wiping them down with a damp cloth and using a specialized grip cleaner once in a while to remove dirt and oils that can affect the performance of the grip.

Overall, it’s important to monitor the condition of your golf grips and replace them as needed to ensure optimal performance and prevent any potential injuries or blisters.

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