Best Golf Balls For Beginners

best golf balls for beginners

We’ve all been there, right? You’re looking for a golf ball that delivers good performance on the course, but maybe you’re not feeling super confident in your swing. And every time water or out-of-bounds comes into play, you somehow manage to locate it and say goodbye to your golf ball. So we want a golf ball that doesn’t cost a fortune but still gets us over the water and away from those out-of-bounds areas. It’s all about performance and value, my friend. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best golf balls for beginners. We’ve tried them ourselves and other golfers have given them rave reviews.

Best Golf Ball For Beginners

1) Kirkland Golf Balls (Best Value)

kirkland signature golf balls

Yes the golf balls from Costco! If you’re on a budget, these golf balls are the perfect choice. They offer great performance and have earned a cult following among golfers of all skill levels. These 3-piece golf balls provide a soft feel and good distance off the tee. And at around $1.40 per ball, you can’t beat the value! You know people like them when they are constantly sold out at Costco.

  1. Value for Money: They offer a performance that rivals some of the premium balls but at a fraction of the price.
  2. Great Reviews: Many users report good distance and accuracy with these balls, while still having a soft feel around the greens.
  3. Urethane Cover: The premium Kirkland balls come with a urethane cover, which is typically found in higher-end balls. This helps in providing a softer feel and better control around the greens.
  4. Accessible: Being a Costco product, they’re readily available at their warehouses or online, making them easy to purchase for members.
  1. Durability Issues: Some golfers have reported that the Kirkland balls show signs of wear or cuts after a few rounds.
  2. Limited Availability: Sometimes, due to their popularity and value proposition, these balls can be out of stock, making them hard to get for those who specifically want them.
  3. Not Tour-Proven: While they offer decent performance for recreational players, they haven’t been widely adopted or endorsed by professional players.
  4. Brand Perception: For some golfers, brand matters. Kirkland, being primarily associated with bulk goods and not specifically golf, might not have the same appeal as specialized golf brands.

2) Taylormade Tour Response (Best Overall)

taylormade tour response golf balls

Next up is the TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball. It’s a 3-piece ball that offers good distance and feel, but at a slightly higher price point compared to the Kirkland balls. However, it still provides great value for money and has been well-received by beginners and low handicappers alike. It’s one of the best golf balls for beginners!

  1. Soft Feel: The Tour Response provides a soft and responsive feel, which many golfers appreciate, especially around the greens.
  2. Urethane Cover: Unlike many balls in its price range, the Tour Response boasts a 100% cast urethane cover. This aids in spin and control, especially for short game shots.
  3. Great Reviews: Many users have reported good distance off the tee, good spin on the iron shots, and a very workable ball.
  4. Price Point: Positioned below the brand’s top-tier balls, it offers a solid performance-to-cost ratio, making it an attractive choice for those on a budget.
  1. Comparative Spin: While it offers good spin, some competitive golfers might find it a tad less spinny around the greens. Doesn’t check up as well as high-end tour balls.
  2. Distance: Not as long as some of the premium golf balls on the market (Pro V1, TP5)

3) Callaway Supersoft (Best Soft Ball)

Callaway supersoft golf balls

The Callaway SuperSoft golf ball is a popular choice among beginners and high handicappers due to its low compression, which helps deliver longer and straighter shots. It’s also one of the softest balls on the market, providing great feel around the greens.

  1. Ultra Soft Feel: As the name suggests, the Supersoft offers an extremely soft feel, which many players find beneficial, especially around the greens.
  2. Many Great Reviews: Many users love the super soft ball, while still offering good feedback. It has great consistency and is just overall a great value ball.
  3. One of the Most Popular Golf Balls on the Market!
  4. Great Value: Excellent value-for-money ball, especially for recreational players.
  5. Variety of Colors: Available in multiple vibrant colors, which can be both fun and practical for visibility.
  1. Spin Characteristics: More skilled players might find that it lacks the spin control of some premium balls, especially on approach shots.
  2. Not Ideal for Fast Swingers: Players with very high swing speeds might not benefit as much from its low compression characteristics.
  3. Feel: While many appreciate the ultra-soft feel, it might not be to everyone’s liking, especially those accustomed to firmer balls.

4) Bridgestone e6 Soft (Best Straight Ball)

Bridgestone e6 Soft golf balls

The Bridgestone e6 Soft golf ball is designed to help golfers with their accuracy and consistency. The low spin off the driver helps reduce slices and hooks, while still providing a pretty good distance and a soft feel.

  1. Soft Feel: Again true to its name, the e6 Soft provides a tender and responsive touch that’s particularly noticeable on the greens and during short game shots.
  2. Straight Flight: The ball’s design focuses on reducing sidespin, which promotes a straighter flight, making it beneficial for those struggling with hooks or slices.
  3. Great Reviews: Many golfers have commented on how straight and far the ball flies, while still having a soft feel.
  4. Value for Money: Given its performance characteristics, the e6 Soft is priced reasonably, making it a good value proposition for its target audience.
  5. Reduced Spin for Distance: Lower driver and long game spin can translate to added distance for certain players.
  1. Spin Control: Advanced players might find it lacks the spin control of tour-level balls, especially when trying to shape shots or on approach plays.
  2. Durability: Some users have pointed out that the ball may not be as durable as they’d like, showing signs of wear after a few intense rounds.
  3. Compression Feel: The soft compression might not appeal to players who prefer a firmer feel or those with very high swing speeds.

5) Volvik Vivid Matte (Easiest To Find)

Volvik Vivid Matte

Designed with a focus on visibility and performance, these balls are available in vibrant matte colors that are hard to miss on the course. If you struggle to locate your ball when hitting it all over the course, this could be a good option. They offer decent distance and spin control, making them a popular choice among recreational players.

  1. Distinctive Look: The matte finish is not only aesthetically unique but also helps reduce sun glare, making it easier to focus on the ball.
  2. Vibrant Colors: Available in a range of bright colors, which aids in visibility during play and makes ball identification easier.
  3. Soft Feel: Offers a tender and responsive touch, especially appreciated on and around the greens.
  4. Good Reviews: Many players report that the ball is easy to find and they love the colors.
  1. Spin Control: Some skilled players might find that it doesn’t provide the same level of spin control as premium tour balls.
  2. Not for Traditionalists: The vivid colors and matte finish, though appealing to many, might not be the preference for players who lean towards the classic white golf ball look.
  3. Feel: While many enjoy the soft feel, it might not cater to those who favor a firmer touch or higher compression balls.

6) Taylormade Distance+ (Best Distance Ball)

Taylormade Distance+

As the name implies, the TaylorMade Distance+ golf ball is designed for maximum distance off the tee. It boasts a medium-compression core and aerodynamic dimple design to promote longer shots with less spin. It’s a great golf ball for beginners who like to hit it far!

  1. Impressive Distance: With its 2-piece aerodynamic design and high-velocity core, the ball ensures enhanced yardage, particularly off the tee.
  2. Good Reviews: Users often mention the length and straightness of their drives. Also the affordability of the balls.
  3. Value for Money: Priced more affordably than many of TaylorMade’s premium offerings, the price for this ball is comparable to the Kirkland golf balls.
  4. Reduced Spin: The design curtails excessive spin, helping players achieve straighter shots.
  5. Consistent Flight: Its aerodynamic features promote a consistent and stable ball flight, which can aid in accuracy.
  1. Feel Around the Greens: While the ball excels in distance, some players might find it lacks the softer feel and touch they desire around the greens.
  2. Not Suited for All Players: Those with slower swing speeds or players who prioritize feel over distance might not find it as beneficial.
  3. Comparative Performance: While it offers great value, it might not match up in all performance aspects to Taylormade’s top-tier golf balls.

7) Callaway Diablo

callaway diablo

The Callaway Diablo golf ball is designed to provide solid all-around performance at a price below premium offerings. It offers a soft feel, good distance, and decent spin control for approach shots.

  1. Good Reviews: Many players have said they offer solid performance, good feel, and good distance.
  2. Reduced Spin: For players who struggle with hooks or slices, the Diablo’s construction aids in minimizing side spin, leading to straighter shots.
  3. Distance: Users have commented on the distance the ball provides off the tee.
  4. Consistent Flight: The aerodynamic design ensures a stable, penetrating flight path, adding to the ball’s predictability.
  1. Durability: Some users have mentioned that the balls do get scuffed up a bit.
  2. Price: Good price, but maybe not as affordable as other golf balls on this list.
  3. Not for Everyone: Players with specific needs, such as high spin or ultra-soft compression, might not find the Diablo as fitting for their game.

8) Wilson Duo Soft (Best For Seniors)

wilson duo soft golf balls

The Wilson Duo Soft golf ball is designed to cater to many players’ needs, offering a low-compression construction for a soft feel and enhanced distance. It also boasts low spin off the tee, helping players achieve straighter drives.

  1. Value for Money: Considered one of the most affordable golf balls in its category.
  2. Ultra Soft Feel: With one of the lowest compressions in the market, the Duo Soft delivers an incredibly soft feel, which is particularly noticeable during putting and short game shots.
  3. Enhanced Distance for Slower Swings: Players with moderate swing speeds often find they can achieve greater distance with the Duo Soft.
  4. Great Reviews: Players praised the distance and soft feel around the greens.
  5. Reduced Spin for Straighter Shots: The ball’s construction helps minimize side spin, which can result in straighter drives.
  1. Not Ideal for Fast Swingers: Golfers with very high swing speeds might not get the optimal performance they desire from its low compression.
  2. Spin Control: While it offers reduced spin off the tee, advanced players might find it lacks the spin control they seek for approach shots and around the greens.

9) Taylormade Kalea (Most Stylish)

taylormade Kalea

The Taylormade Kalea golf ball is designed specifically for women, with a focus on both performance and aesthetics. It boasts soft feel and good distance, with the added bonus of vibrant colors that are sure to stand out on the course.

  1. Soft Feel: The Kalea provides a soft touch that is appreciated on the green and during the short game.
  2. Optimized for Slower Swing Speeds: Designed with a specific core and compression suited for moderate swing speeds, therefore popular among some female players.
  3. Good Review: Most users love the stylish ball and appreciate the extra distance it provides.
  4. Stylish Design: The ball comes with an aesthetic that resonates with the broader Kalea line, offering a touch of style to performance.
  5. Distance: The construction aids in achieving optimal distance, especially beneficial for players seeking to add a few extra yards.
  1. Specialized Design: While it’s optimized for a segment of female golfers, it might not cater to everyone, especially those with significantly faster swing speeds.
  2. Hard to Find: Players have reported difficulty tracking and locating the ball due to its stylish color.
  3. Price Point: Depending on the region and availability, some might find the Kalea priced slightly higher than other balls in its performance category.

10) Srixon Soft Feel (Good Value)

srixon soft feel golf balls

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is designed to offer all-around performance, making it a popular choice amongst many players. It boasts a soft feel, good distance, and enhanced spin control for approach shots.

  1. Soft Feel: Provides more greenside spin and softer feel.
  2. Optimized for Moderate Swing Speeds: Its core and compression are tailored to benefit players with medium swing speeds, ensuring they get the most out of their shots.
  3. Great Reviews: Many golfers commented on the quality of the golf ball and just solid overall performance.
  4. Great Value: For its price, it delivers a great value ball and performance.
  1. Limited Spin Control: While it offers a soft feel, players looking for high spin rates, especially during approach shots, might find it a bit lacking.
  2. Not Ideal for Very High Swing Speeds: Golfers with significantly fast swing speeds might not find the ball’s performance optimized for their game.
  3. Feel vs. Firmness Trade-off: While many enjoy the ball’s soft touch, players used to firmer balls might need some adjustment time.

What is a Soft Golf Ball?

Like all golf equipment, there is no consensus on the definition of a “soft” golf ball. The term “soft feel” can be used to describe balls with compression ranging from 35 to 100.

A soft golf ball refers to the feel and compression of the ball. Let’s break down what this means:

  1. Compression: Golf balls are rated by their compression, which refers to the amount of deflection a golf ball undergoes when struck. A soft golf ball typically has a lower compression rating, often between 40 and 65. This means it compresses more easily upon impact. However, again there are balls considered “soft” that have an 80+ compression rating.
  2. Feel: When golfers talk about a ball’s “feel,” they are referring to the feedback they receive from the ball upon striking it. Soft golf balls provide a more muted, softer feel, especially noticeable when putting or hitting short game shots.
  3. Performance Characteristics: Soft golf balls often produce less spin off the driver, leading to straighter shots. However, they can produce more spin around the greens, allowing for better control in short game situations. They are also typically more suited for players with slower swing speeds since the lower compression allows them to compress the ball more easily, optimizing energy transfer and distance.

How Do I Pick The Right Golf Ball?

Picking the right golf ball can significantly influence your game, from driving distances to control around the greens. Here are some steps and considerations to guide you in selecting the ideal golf ball:

Determine Your Skill Level:

  • Beginners: Might prefer balls that prioritize distance and durability, often at a lower price point.
  • Intermediate: Look for balls that offer a balance of distance, spin, and feel.
  • Advanced: Might lean towards tour-quality balls that offer high spin rates and soft feel for precision play.

Consider Your Swing Speed:

  • Slower Swing Speed (<85 mph with driver): Low compression balls can be beneficial, as they compress more easily, optimizing energy transfer.
  • Medium Swing Speed (85-105 mph): Medium compression balls are typically suitable.
  • Fast Swing Speed (>105 mph): High compression balls are often preferred, as they maximize distance and control for players who can compress them.

Evaluate Spin Needs:

  • Low Spin: Reduces hooks and slices for straighter shots.
  • Medium Spin: Offers a balance of distance and control.
  • High Spin: Provides greater control, especially useful around the greens, but might exaggerate hooks or slices.

Feel Preference:

  • Soft Feel: Beneficial for short games, providing more tactile feedback.
  • Firm Feel: Can provide more distance and is preferred by some players for the feedback it offers.


Golf balls are available across various price ranges. Set a budget and find the best ball within that range. Remember, the most expensive ball isn’t always the best for every golfer.

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