11 Best Baseball Gloves For All Levels

best baseball gloves

The best baseball gloves are typically made from high-quality leather, which offers durability, comfort, and a better feel for the ball.

Whether you’re a beginner/recreational player a professional athlete, choosing the right glove can make a significant difference in your game. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best baseball gloves available on the market, considering factors such as material, design, position specificity, and brand reputation.

Best Baseball Gloves For Highly Competitive/Elite Players

1) Wilson A2K Game Model (Best Overall)

Wilson A2K Baseball Gloves

Why We Like It:

  • Premium A2K baseball gloves are made entirely in Japan, formed to the perfect shape by expert glove craftsmen.
  • Elite professional players use: Mookie Betts, Juan Soto and José Abreu
  • Uses flawless Pro Stock Select leather. Only top 5% of leather hides are used.
  • Double Palm Construction: A thin piece of leather placed between the palm liner and outer shell enhances pocket stability, reducing wrinkles and rebound on incoming balls.
  • Although, the high-quality leather and craftsmanship comes at a higher price point
  • Another great option very similar to the A2K is the A2000 gloves. Also used by pro MLB players.

2) Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series (Most Popular For Elite)

Rawlings Heart Of the Hide Series Baseball Gloves

Why We Like It:

  • #1 glove brand for MLB players (Used by 55%)
  • Made from premium US steerhide leather, known for its durability, comfort, and quick break-in.
  • Deer-tanned cowhide lining adds to the overall soft feel of the glove.
  • 65% factory break-in with 35% player break-in required
  • Super strong and durable thanks to the Pro Grade leather laces and comfy padded thumb sleeve.
  • Another high priced glove but well worth it for competitive/elite players.

3) NOKONA W-V1200H (Our Favorite)

Nokona Baseball Gloves

Why We Like It:

  • Expertly handcrafted in the USA using top-grade Walnut Crunch leather which ensures it stands up to the demands of a rigorous playing schedule.
  • Has a distinct classic look with a rich, chocolate brown coloration and unique grain pattern becomes more beautiful over time and use.
  • Perfect for players who appreciate a more traditional aesthetic without sacrificing modern performance features.
  • Fully guaranteed for 1 year against defective workmanship and material
  • Although on the pricey side, the NOKONA W-V1200H is a statement piece.

Best Baseball Gloves For Intermediate to Competitive Players

4) Rawlings Foundation Series Baseball Glove 

Rawlings Foundation Series Baseball Gloves

Why We Like It:

  • Made from high-quality, full-grain leather that is both durable and flexible, offering a comfortable fit for any player.
  • Maximize defensive performance with Dual Core Technology padding to reduce impact sting during play.
  • Easy break-in period: 75% Factory 25% Player
  • Offers excellent value for its features and performance.
  • For each Foundation Series glove bought, Rawlings and Amazon will donate a glove to kids associated with Aaron Judge’s ALL RISE Foundation.

5) Mizuno Pro Select Series Baseball Glove

Mizuno Pro Select Series Baseball Glove

Why We Like It:

  • Made from Premium US Steerhide is firm and built to hold up 
  • Elite leather palm liner gives you an amazing feel inside the glove.
  • Tailored pockets for player’s needs and positions, including their preferred way to break-in the glove. (Shallow, Regular, Deep)

6) Wilson A1000 Series Baseball Glove (Best Value For Intermediate)

wilson a1000 baseball gloves

Why We Like It:

  • Made with the same materials and craftsmanship as Wilson’s higher-end gloves but at a more affordable price.
  • Full leather constructed expertly breaks in and conforms to your hand.
  • Great for players who want to up their defensive/fielding game!

7) Marucci Oxbow M-Type Baseball Glove Series

Marucci Baseball Gloves

Why We Like It:

  • Made from premium cowhide leather that is smooth, durable, and flexible.
  • Designed for lightweight feel and increased control
  • Features a leather lining for added comfort and protection
  • Marucci is another brand that is used by a few MLB players.

Best Baseball Gloves For Beginners To Recreational Players

8) Mizuno Franchise Baseball Glove Series (Best Value)

Why We Like It:

  • Made with full grain leather shell & laced binding: Premium quality design with great durability.
  • Features Mizuno’s ParaShock Palm Pad to reduce shock and minimize “sting” on impact.
  • MZO Lining: Disperses perspiration away from the skin.
  • Available in multiple adult size & Great value for price

9) Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Glove Series (Good Recreational)

rawlings sandlot baseball glove

Why We Like It:

  • Made from full-grain, oiled leather with a vintage, distressed look for a classic style.
  • Zero Shock Padded Palm provides added protection and cushioning for fast impact.
  • 90% broken-in from the factory.
  • Rawlings is The Official Glove of Major League Baseball

10) Rawlings Player Preferred Glove Series (Best For Slow Pitch)

Rawlings player preferred glove series

Why We Like It:

  • Made with full-grain leather and an adjustable, non-slip pull strap closure for durability and comfort.
  • Zero Shock Palm Padding for added impact protection.
  • Perfect for recreational baseball and slowpitch softball. 13″ glove.

11) Franklin RTP Pro Baseball Fielding Glove (Most Affordable)

Franklin RTP Pro Baseball Fielding Glove

Why We Like It:

  • It’s the most affordable on this list, but no compromise in quality!
  • Made with pigskin leather for an ultra-smooth, lightweight feel
  • Designed for all positions, perfect for beginners or recreational players looking for an affordable option.

What Are The Different Types Of Baseball Gloves?

Pitcher’s Gloves

  • Features: Generally have a closed webbing to help pitchers hide the ball from hitters. They are designed to be versatile, without specialized features, to accommodate various pitching styles.
  • Size: Typically range from 11.5 to 12.5 inches.

Catcher’s Mitts

  • Features: These are heavily padded to protect the catcher’s hand from the high velocity of pitches. They have a special round shape to help catch pitches and frame the ball for the umpire. Catcher’s mitts don’t have individual fingers like other gloves.
  • Size: Around 32.5 to 34.5 inches in circumference.

First Baseman’s Mitts

  • Features: Similar to catcher’s mitts in that they don’t have individual fingers. They are longer and have a deeper pocket to help with scooping balls out of the dirt and catching throws from infielders.
  • Size: Typically range from 12 to 13 inches.

Infielder’s Gloves

  • Features: Designed to be smaller and more flexible to allow for quick transfers from glove to throwing hand. They often feature a shallower pocket for faster ball retrieval.
  • Size: Usually range from 11 to 12 inches for adult players, with third basemen sometimes opting for slightly larger gloves.

Outfielder’s Gloves

  • Features: These gloves are larger with deeper pockets to help catch fly balls and make plays from a distance. They also help shield the sun and lights from the outfielder’s eyes when catching high balls.
  • Size: Typically range from 12.5 to 12.75 inches, with some players preferring even larger gloves.

Utility Gloves

  • Features: Designed for players who play multiple positions or for those at the youth/amateur levels where specific position gloves might not be necessary. They offer a balance between the sizes and features of infield and outfield gloves.
  • Size: Varies, but generally falls in the middle range of 11.5 to 12.25 inches.

Different Types of Baseball Glove Webs

Basket Web

  • Features: Made of interwoven leather strips that create a closed, flexible web. It provides players with a balance of flexibility and support, making it popular among pitchers and infielders who value discretion and ease of squeeze.

I-Web (Infield Web)

  • Features: Characterized by a vertical leather strip with two horizontal bars. This open web allows infielders to see through the glove for pop-ups, ensuring quick ball transfer. It’s preferred by second basemen and shortstops.

H-Web (Dual Post Web)

  • Features: Consists of two leather strips (or posts) connected by a horizontal bar. This open web design is sturdy and offers visibility, making it a favorite among outfielders and third basemen for its balance of control and quick ball release.

Trapeze Web (T-Web)

  • Features: Features a leather strip attached to either side of the glove, creating a deep pocket. Its open web design is preferred by outfielders for tracking and catching fly balls.

Modified Trapeze Web

  • Features: A variation of the trapeze web with a leather strip across the top, creating a more closed design. It offers a deeper pocket with more flexibility than the traditional trapeze, suitable for outfielders and some infielders.

Single Post Web

  • Features: Comprises a single vertical leather post connected by horizontal lacing. This open design enhances visibility and flexibility, making it a good choice for first basemen and sometimes third basemen who need to quickly scoop up ground balls.

What Is The Best Leather For Baseball Gloves?

1. Full-Grain Leather

  • Characteristics: Full-grain leather is the least processed form of leather, retaining the entire grain with all its imperfections and inherent toughness. It’s the most durable type of leather and provides a very firm feel.
  • Break-In Period: Longer due to its stiffness.
  • Best For: Players looking for durability and a glove that forms to their hand over time.

2. Steerhide Leather

  • Characteristics: Steerhide is strong and durable, making it a common choice for high-quality gloves. It’s a bit stiffer than other leathers initially but offers excellent longevity.
  • Break-In Period: Moderate to long.
  • Best For: Players seeking a balance between durability and a custom fit.

3. Cowhide Leather

  • Characteristics: Cowhide is a bit softer and more flexible than steerhide, making it easier to break in. It offers a good balance of durability, comfort, and affordability.
  • Break-In Period: Shorter than steerhide, offering a quicker game-ready feel.
  • Best For: Youth and adult players looking for a reliable glove without the lengthy break-in of steerhide.

4. Kip Leather

  • Characteristics: Kip leather is made from younger cattle, making it lighter and more supple than full-grain, steerhide, or cowhide leathers. It offers a luxurious feel and is easier to break in.
  • Break-In Period: Short, becoming game-ready faster than other leathers.
  • Best For: Advanced players, especially those who prefer a lighter glove for quicker movements.

5. Pigskin Leather

  • Characteristics: Pigskin leather is softer and more flexible than other types of leather from the start. It’s not as durable as cowhide or steerhide but offers an easy break-in period.
  • Break-In Period: Very short, often ready to use right off the shelf.
  • Best For: Younger players or beginners who need a soft, flexible glove immediately.

Choosing the Right Leather

Higher-quality leathers are preferred by advanced and professional players for their durability and the custom fit they provide over time.

For younger players or those looking for a quicker break-in, cowhide or pigskin might be more appropriate. Each type of leather offers a unique balance of feel, flexibility, and durability, making it important to consider your priorities and playing habits when selecting a glove.


The best baseball glove for you depends on your position, playing style, and personal preferences regarding feel and fit. High-quality leather, proper fit, and position-specific design are critical factors to consider.

Brands like Wilson, Rawlings, Mizuno, Marucci, and Nokona have established reputations for producing some of the best gloves on the market. Ultimately, the right glove is one that feels like an extension of your hand, enhancing your performance on the field.

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