7 Best Pitching Training Aids for Aspiring Baseball Stars

pitching training aids

Known as one of the most difficult positions in all of sports. Pitching in baseball is a complex skill that combines power, precision, and mental acuity. For aspiring pitchers looking to elevate their game, the right pitching training aids can be game-changers, helping to refine technique, increase velocity, and improve overall performance on the mound. Here, are the best pitching training aids we found available on the market.

1. Pitching Mounds and Platforms

A portable pitching mound or platform is invaluable for practice, allowing pitchers to simulate game conditions accurately. High-quality models offer a realistic slope and surface texture, helping pitchers work on their footwork and delivery mechanics.

Portolite – 4″ Economy Youth Mound

Portolite PItching training aids mound

Why We Like It:

The Portolite is a popular choice, known for its durability, portability, and realistic feel for games and practice. Exceptionally lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up, which is perfect for young athletes and coaches on the go. Moreover, its one-piece construction ensures stability and durability, giving pitchers the confidence they need to practice extensively and improve their skills.

2. Weighted Training Balls

Weighted balls are a staple in pitcher training aids, providing the development of arm strength and pitching velocity. They also help in refining pitching mechanics by emphasizing the importance of using the entire body in the delivery process.

SHOP PLAY 9 | Plyoball Weighted Ball Baseball Set

SHOP PLAY 9 pitching training aids

Why We Like It:

The Plyoball Weighted Ball Baseball set includes balls of varying weights, which are used in specific drills to enhance arm conditioning and increase throwing speed.

3. Pitching Targets and Strike Zones

Accuracy is as crucial as velocity for pitchers. It’s actually even more important. By using pitching targets and strike zones, pitchers can work on their command and aim for precise locations.

GoSports 9 Pocket Strike Zone Target Net

GoSports 9 Pocket Strike Zone Target Net

Why We Like It:

Pitching training aids like the Go Sports 9-Pocket Baseball Net with Strike Zone offer a practical way for pitchers to practice their aim. These aids often feature outlined strike zones and target pockets, enabling pitchers to work on their precision and consistency in hitting specific spots.

4. Velocity Radars

To measure progress in pitching speed, a velocity radar is essential. Radar guns provide accurate measurements and stats of pitch speed. And knowing the pitch speed is also crucial for scouts and coaches, as it can help determine a player’s potential and success at higher levels of competition.

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

Why We Like It:

With the Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun, it give you a classic point-and-shoot operation and large, clear LCD display for easy reading. With its built-in memory recall feature, it also allows players to track their progress over time.

Pocket Radar Smart Coach with Pocket Radar App

Pocket Radar Smart Coach with Pocket Radar App

Why We Like It:

And then, there is the Pocket Radar Smart Coach which is a popular, portable option with an app that provides instant feedback on pitch velocity. Another incredible tool that is useful for tracking improvements over time and can motivate pitchers to push their limits. Plus by integrating with the Pocket Radar App, it enhances user experience with detailed insights and analysis.

5. Arm Strength and Conditioning Bands

Resistance training is critical for developing the arm strength necessary for pitching. Pitchers use these bands to target specific muscles that are vital for throwing, and they can also help prevent injuries.

Jaeger J-Bands Resistance Bands

Jaeger J-Bands Resistance Bands

Why We Like It:

Bands like the Jaeger Sports J-Bands are designed specifically for baseball players, offering exercises that strengthen the shoulder, elbow, and forearm. Regular use can help prevent injuries and increase a pitcher’s power.

6. Pitching Grips Trainer

For young pitchers and those looking to expand their arsenal of pitches, a grip trainer can be very useful.

Markwort The Perfect Circle Pitching Training Aid

Markwort The Perfect Circle Pitcher's Training Aid

Why We Like It:

Specifically made for softball pitchers, The Perfect Circle by Markwort is designed to help pitchers develop the correct grip and release for a variety of pitches. It offers a comfortable feel and adjustable Velcro straps to fit different hand sizes.

Pitching Pal – Best Training Aid for Pitching

Pitching Pal - Best Training Aid for Pitching

Why We Like It:

The Markwort Grip and Rip Baseball Pitching Grip Trainer teaches pitchers how to hold (with your hand position and fingers on the baseball) to throw different types of pitches correctly, including fastballs, curveballs, and sliders. A good guide for beginners who are just starting and learning how to throw a variety of pitches.

7. Mental Skills Training Materials

Pitching isn’t just physical; it’s also a mental game. Books, apps, and online courses designed to enhance focus, confidence, and game intelligence are invaluable.

The Mental ABCs of Pitching: A Handbook for Performance Enhancement

Mental ABCs of Pitching

Why We Like It:

This is a highly recommended read, offering strategies to master the mental aspect of pitching. Author H.A. Dorfman shares his expertise as an instructor and counselor for professional baseball teams to provide an A-to-Z handbook. This easy-to-use guide offers valuable insights and instructions on pitching for peak performance at all levels of the game.


The journey to becoming great pitcher or an elite pitcher is multifaceted, requiring dedication to physical training, technique refinement, and mental strength. By incorporating these training aids into their practice routines, pitchers can address every aspect of their development, setting the stage for success on the diamond.

Whether it’s working on velocity with weighted balls, honing accuracy with pitching targets, or building mental resilience through specialized materials, these tools offer a comprehensive approach to pitching excellence.

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