Rawlings Batting Helmets: COOLFLO vs VELO vs MACH

rawlings batting helmets

Reviewing Rawlings batting helmets—specifically the Coolflo, VELO, and MACH models—offers an insight into the company’s dedication to player safety, comfort, and performance. Each helmet caters to different needs and preferences, showcasing Rawlings’ commitment to innovation and quality in sports equipment. Let’s take a look into each model.


The Coolflo helmet was one of the first to introduce a revolutionary design aimed at improving airflow and reducing heat for players. Featuring a unique venting system, it allows air to flow freely through the helmet, keeping the player cooler during games. This design not only enhances comfort but also helps players maintain focus by reducing the distraction caused by excessive sweat. The Coolflo helmets are lightweight yet durable, providing reliable protection without weighing the player down. Suitable for players of all levels, the Coolflo remains a popular choice for its blend of comfort, protection, and affordability.


The Rawlings VELO series takes performance and protection to the next level with its sleek design and advanced technology. Designed for high-speed play, VELO helmets are equipped with moisture-wicking liners to keep players dry and comfortable. They also feature increased coverage and reinforced impact zones for superior protection against pitches. The aerodynamic profile of the VELO helmets reduces drag, allowing players to run bases faster and more efficiently. With a focus on speed and safety, the VELO series is ideal for competitive players.


The MACH series represents the pinnacle of Rawlings’ helmet technology, offering unparalleled protection, comfort, and performance. These helmets are equipped with Rawlings’ IMPAX padding, providing excellent shock absorption and impact resistance. The MACH design includes an optimized venting system and a sleek, aerodynamic shell that helps reduce wind resistance while running. Additionally, the MACH helmets come with a variety of customization options. Including detachable jaw pads and extended flap models for additional face protection. The attention to detail and player-focused features make the MACH series a top choice for serious athletes.


Rawlings batting helmets—Coolflo, VELO, and MACH—caters to a wide range of players, from casual participants to serious athletes. Each model brings something unique to the table: the Coolflo offers classic comfort and cooling, the VELO is designed for speed and moisture management, and the MACH provides top-tier protection with advanced padding and customization options.

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