What Is The Tennis Net Height?

tennis net height

The Standard Height of a Tennis Net

The International Tennis Federation (ITF), the governing body of world tennis, prescribes specific dimensions for the tennis net.

  • Center of the Tennis Net: 3 feet (0.91 meters)
  • At the Posts: 3.5 feet (1.07 meters)

Why Is The Height Lower In The Center?

The tennis net is lower in the center because of the way the net is constructed and supported. Which causes a natural sag.

However, tennis nets are equipped with a central strap. And this pulls the middle of the net down to the specified height of 3 feet. More importantly, this strap helps to control the amount of sag and ensures that the height at the center is consistent.

tennis court dimensions

Why Does The Lower Center Height Matter?

  • Cross-Court Shots: The lower middle of the net encourages players to hit cross-court shots. Cross-court shots have to travel a longer distance. But the lower net height compensates for this by reducing the risk of hitting the net. These shots are a fundamental part of tennis strategy, often used to move the opponent around the court.
  • Down-the-Line Shots: Conversely, down-the-line shots, while more direct and potentially more surprising, have to clear a higher part of the net. This makes them riskier. Players often use down-the-line shots as attacking moves or to change the direction of play. But they require more precision due to the higher net.
  • Approach Shots and Net Play: The lower net height in the center can encourage players to approach the net. The lower net height allows for more aggressive volleying and easier smash shots. Which can be essential for players who employ a serve-and-volley tactic or like to dominate the net.
  • Psychological Aspect: Knowing that the net is lower in the middle can also have a psychological impact. Players might feel more confident going for aggressive shots across the middle. Or conversely, feel pressured when they need to clear the higher parts of the net.
  • Serving Strategy: While serving, players might aim for wide serves in the deuce or ad courts to utilize the higher net height as a defensive mechanism. Thereby making it harder for the opponent to return aggressively.

Doubles Vs Singles Tennis Net Height

Net Height

In both singles and doubles play, the height of the tennis net is the same:

  • Center: 3 feet (0.91 meters)
  • At the Posts: 3.5 feet (1.07 meters)

Net Length and Court Dimensions

The primary difference between singles and doubles play is the width of the court and, consequently, the net:

  • Singles: The width of the singles court is 27 feet (8.23 meters). With 3 feet added at the end of both sides. The length for a singles tennis net would be 33 feet long.
  • Doubles: The doubles court is wider, measuring 36 feet (10.97 meters) across. The net in doubles matches extends to the full width of the doubles court. And again with 3 feet added at the end of both sides. The length for a doubles tennis net would be 42 feet long.

What Are Singles Sticks?

Singles sticks are used for singles matches. These sticks are placed at a height of 3.5 feet (the same height as the net at the posts). And are positioned 3 feet outside the singles court on each side.

In doubles matches, these sticks are removed, and the net is extended to the full width of the doubles court. And again are positioned 3 feet outside the doubles court on each side.

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