What is The Shamble Golf Format? And Why You Should Play it!

what is shamble golf

Shamble golf is a variation of the traditional golf game that combines elements of scramble and stroke play. It’s a popular format for golf tournaments, especially those organized for charity or corporate events, as it strikes a balance between competitiveness and fun. Here’s a breakdown of what Shamble golf is and how it’s played:

How to Play Shamble Golf

  • In Shamble golf, each player on a team tees off, just like in a scramble. After the tee shots, the team chooses the best drive and from there, each player plays their own ball into the hole.

Rules and Gameplay

  • Tee Shots:
    • All members of a team (usually consisting of 2-4 players) tee off.
    • The team selects the best drive, considering factors like distance and position.
  • Playing the Hole:
    • After the best drive is selected, each player plays their own ball from that spot.
    • Players complete the hole with their own balls, counting their individual strokes from the chosen drive spot to the hole.
  • Scoring:
    • The individual scores can be used in different ways, depending on the tournament rules.
    • Common scoring methods include taking the lowest score from the team for each hole or adding up the scores of all team members.


  • Team Composition:
  • Tee Shot Importance:
    • The choice of the best tee shot is crucial as it sets up the rest of the hole for each player.
  • Individual Play:
    • Unlike a scramble, where the team’s effort is the focus, Shamble golf allows individual play to shine, especially after the tee shot.


  • Inclusivity:
    • Shamble golf is great for players of all skill levels. It allows less experienced players to contribute to the team without the pressure of playing every shot.
  • Speed of Play:
    • It can be quicker than traditional stroke play as the initial tee shots give a good starting position.
  • Balanced Competition:
    • It provides a mix of team effort and individual skill, making it attractive for tournaments.


Shamble golf is an enjoyable variation of golf that blends team dynamics with individual skills. And it’s an excellent format for social and competitive events. By providing an inclusive atmosphere where golfers of all skill levels can participate and enjoy the game. Whether in a charity event, a corporate outing, or a casual game among friends, Shamble golf offers a unique and engaging way to experience the sport.

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