14 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes of 2024: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

indoor soccer shoes

Indoor soccer, commonly known as futsal in many parts of the world, is a fast-paced game played on hard surfaces. As such, the equipment used, especially indoor soccer shoes, are designed specifically to cater to the demands of the indoor game. But you’ll find in this article that many people prefer a shoe that can also work as an everyday shoe.

So let’s check out our favorite indoor soccer shoes, by going through their design, function, and tips for choosing the right pair.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

1) Adidas X CrazyFast .1 Indoor (Best For Speed)

Adidas X CrazyFast .1 Indoor

The Speedskin+ upper of the shoe is semi-translucent providing a lightweight and supportive feel. The PRIMEKNIT collar ensures a secure fit. Additionally, the upper is made with recycled materials. Overall, one of the best indoor soccer shoes.

2) Adidas Predator Accuracy .1 Indoor

Adidas Predator Accuracy .1 Indoor soccer shoes

This shoe features a high-definition grip, with small rubber elements strategically placed on the strike zone for ball control. The breathable mesh upper ensures comfort and flexibility. Built for ultimate control on the field.

Reviewers generally praise this shoe for its performance on indoor surfaces. The grip is significantly better and the touch is exceptional. However, it is important to note that the shoe runs very tight, especially considering the narrow width.

3) Adidas X CrazyFast Messi .3 Indoor (Best Overall)

Adidas X Crazyfast Messi .3 Indoor

Celebrate Lionel Messi’s lasting influence on the soccer world with the new Messi soccer shoes. Featuring Argentina blue and trophy-inspired silver, these shoes offer excellent ball control with a speed coating texture and a supportive fit with a laced knit collar. Not only perfect for the game, but they can also be worn as stylish sneakers.

Great reviews, with most praising the design, quality, and comfort. Especially loved by Messi fans! You can consider the older model, the Speedportal Messi .3, as an alternative option.

4) Adidas Copa Gloro

Adidas Copa Gloro

Rubber outsole designed for indoor courts, providing excellent grip. And it has a soft leather/suede upper that molds to your foot, offering stability and comfort.

Mixed reviews on these shoes. While most feel great, some expected a better fit with the leather and find them narrow and thin.

5) Adidas Samba Classic (Most Popular)

Samba classic indoor soccer shoes

One of the most popular indoor soccer shoes ever! These legendary kicks boast a leather upper and a lightweight EVA midsole for enhanced responsiveness on indoor surfaces.

Fashionable, affordable, and comfortable, these classic-looking shoes have garnered thousands of positive reviews. Perfect for streetwear and everyday wear.

6) Adidas Samba Leather (Great Reviews)

samba leather indoor soccer shoes

These shoes feature a durable full grain leather upper with suede overlays for added abrasion resistance. They showcase classic Samba details like the suede T-toe, long tongue, and 3-Stripes. With enhanced support and a distinctive appearance, they offer a unique twist on the classic design.

These Sambas receive rave reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. With a stylish leather look and comfortable fit, they are ideal for everyday wear.

7) Adidas Top Sala (Good Value)

Adidas Top Sala

With a comfortable leather forefoot, every touch feels good. The grippy, non-marking outsole keeps you grounded, while the midsole cushions every step, so you’re always ready to react.

These shoes have received numerous positive reviews, with most people praising their snug fit and suitability for day walking or field running. They offer excellent traction and are lightweight. Additionally, they are extremely comfortable and soft, providing a great feel on the feet and can be worn on various types of turf.

8) Nike React Gato (Good For Elite and Competitive)

There are these cool rubber pods under the sole that give you better touch and responsiveness. The Flyknit material is combined with a tough compound and molded to give you a precise touch even when you’re going fast. But the material does stretch too!

Overall, the soccer indoor shoes have received numerous positive reviews. Many customers have praised the great feeling and fit, with some even stating that they love them and have purchased a second pair. It’s worth noting that a few people mentioned that the upper may stretch a bit over time. In conclusion, these shoes are highly regarded for their comfort and performance.

9) Nike Lunargato (Good For Competitive)

Nike Lunargato

Perfect for the small-sided game. The soft leather at the forefoot provides a smooth, natural feel for precise touch. The cushioning in the midsole feels bouncy and responsive, while the rubber tread gives you traction for making quick cuts on indoor surfaces.

Another indoor soccer shoe with great reviews for its comfort, look and feel.

10) PUMA King Pro 21 (Samba alternative)

Puma King 21 Indoor Soccer Shoes

It’s got a soft leather upper material and a lightweight outsole that gives you exceptional freedom of movement and support. Super comfy. Basically a more affordable option to the samba shoe.

11) New Balance 442 V2 (For New Balance Fans)

New Balance 442 V2

The design combines classic and modern New Balance branding. The upper material is made of full-grain leather with a genuine suede toe cap. Plus, they offer a wide width option.

Mostly positive reviews mention good grip and sturdiness, but note a slightly smaller fit and narrow width even in wider sizes.

12) New Balance Fresh Foam Audazo (Most Stylish)

New Balance Fresh Foam Audazo indoor shoes

The shoe has an internal toe bumper for extra protection when you strike. The Fresh Foam midsole cushioning is engineered to give you a comfy, lightweight ride. The forefoot is perforated and there’s a lightweight Airmesh lining for breathability. And it’s a good looking shoe to me!

13) Senda Ushuara Club 2.0

Not a widely known brand, but many good reviews for this indoor soccer shoe. They appreciate the comfortable leather upper and the excellent traction on the court. And the shoes fit perfectly as ordered, with the size being accurate. Moreover, many users find that they break in quickly. Highly reccommended

14) Joma Top Flex (Most Affordable)

These super lightweight football cleats will let you chase balls fasters in games. Its combination of flexibility with tight-fit and stability only provides benefits to the football player. Most reviews are positive, with customers raving about the amazing fit and durability.

Indoor vs Outdoor Soccer Shoes

indoor vs outdoor soccer shoes

Both indoor and outdoor soccer shoes/cleats are designed to enhance performance on their respective surfaces. Let’s delve into the key differences between them:

  1. Sole Material and Design:
    • Indoor Soccer Shoes typically feature a flat, gum rubber outsole that are designed to grip flat, smooth indoor surfaces and won’t mark the floor.
  2. Upper Material:
    • Both indoor and outdoor soccer shoes can have uppers made of leather or synthetic materials. However, outdoor shoes might be built with a bit more robustness to withstand natural elements and rough play.
  3. Midsole:
    • Indoor shoes often have a slightly thicker midsole compared to outdoor cleats to provide better shock absorption on hard indoor surfaces.
  4. Weight:
    • Given that outdoor soccer often demands running across larger fields, many high-end outdoor cleats prioritize being lightweight. While indoor shoes also aim to be light, they might occasionally be a tad heavier due to the added cushioning for hard surfaces.
  5. Versatility:
    • While indoor shoes can be worn casually or for other indoor sports, outdoor soccer cleats, especially those with pronounced studs, are less versatile and may be uncomfortable or even damage non-sporting surfaces.
  6. Aesthetics:
    • Indoor soccer shoes sometimes resemble everyday sneakers and can be worn off the court. In contrast, outdoor cleats have a more sport-specific look that is less suited for casual wear.
  7. Durability:
    • Outdoor soccer cleats are designed to withstand rougher conditions, including wet, muddy, or uneven terrain. They might incorporate materials or designs to enhance durability. Indoor shoes, while also durable, are optimized for cleaner, smoother surfaces.

Choosing the Right Pair

indoor soccer shoes

When selecting indoor soccer shoes, consider the following:

  • Fit: The fit is paramount. Your shoe should feel snug but not tight. Your toes should not touch the tip of the shoe. A proper fit ensures comfort and prevents blisters.
  • Material: Leather shoes typically offer a better touch and feel but may require more maintenance. Synthetic materials are often more durable and resistant to water.
  • Breathability: Indoor games can lead to sweaty feet. Opt for shoes with good ventilation to ensure your feet remain cool and dry.
  • Style: While function is essential, many players also consider the shoe’s aesthetics. Today’s market offers myriad designs and colors to match individual tastes.
  • Budget: Fortunately, there’s a wide range of indoor soccer shoes available at various price points. While premium brands might offer more advanced features, many budget-friendly options provide excellent performance for their price.

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