Backspin Tee Review: Revolutionizing Batting Practice for Hitters

Backspin Tee Review

The Backspin Tee has garnered attention and acclaim within the baseball and softball communities for its innovative approach to batting practice. Designed to encourage proper swing mechanics and promote the hitting of the lower half of the baseball, the Backspin Tee aims to help hitters develop a more effective swing path that can lead to increased power and consistency. Here’s our review of this batting tee.

Why Buy The Backspin Tee?

Innovative Design

The most distinctive feature of the Backspin Tee is its inverted design, which suspends the ball in the air, exposing its bottom half. This design challenges traditional batting tee concepts and encourages hitters to focus on creating backspin by hitting the ball’s lower half.

The theory behind this approach is that backspin can lead to longer, more consistent fly balls, making it a critical skill for power hitters and those looking to improve their slugging percentage.

Build Quality and Durability

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Backspin Tee is built to withstand the rigors of frequent use. Its sturdy base ensures stability during swings, reducing the likelihood of the tee tipping over or moving out of place.

Performance Enhancement

  • Encourages Proper Swing Mechanics: By forcing hitters to focus on the lower half of the baseball, the Backspin Tee naturally promotes an upward swing path. This can help players develop a more consistent and powerful swing over time.
  • Adaptability: The tee’s height is easily adjustable. Thereby allowing hitters to practice hitting pitches at different vertical locations within the strike zone. This adaptability makes it an excellent tool for working on hitting both low and high pitches effectively.
  • Immediate Feedback: The unique design of the Backspin Tee provides immediate visual and tactile feedback on the quality of the swing. Hitters can adjust their approach based on the flight of the ball, making practice sessions more productive.
  • Used & Trusted By The Pros: Several Major League Baseball players have publicly endorsed the Backspin Tee. Citing its effectiveness in improving their swing mechanics and power.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Price: The Backspin Tee is more expensive than traditional tees.
  • Limited Repetitions: Due to its inverted design, the Backspin Tee is not ideal for high-volume training sessions. Hitters may need to take breaks between swings to reset the ball. Therefore, making it more suitable for individual practice or small group drills.
  • Not Suitable For All Skill Levels: The Backspin Tee’s unique design may be challenging for beginners or very young players to use effectively. It is best suited for advanced players looking to fine-tune their swing mechanics and power.
  • Specialized Focus: While the Backspin Tee is excellent for developing a specific aspect of hitting, players may still need to use traditional tees or other training tools to work on other parts of their hitting game.


The Backspin Tee represents a significant innovation in batting practice technology, offering a novel approach to improving swing mechanics and promoting power hitting. While the price and initial learning curve may be considerations. The potential benefits of integrating the Backspin Tee into a comprehensive training regimen are substantial. Perfect for players and coaches dedicated to developing advanced hitting skills.

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