Bouncing with Laughter: Basketball Puns to Slam Dunk Your Humor Game

basketball puns

Basketball lovers or not, these basketball puns will be sure to lighten up the mood and tickle your funny bone. Get ready to slam dunk into a world of laughter with these clever wordplays.

Best Basketball Puns

  1. Don’t be so defensive, I was just trying to make a pass at you.
  2. The basketball team’s website crashed. It couldn’t handle the traffic on the court.
  3. Why was Cinderella bad at basketball? She always ran away from the ball.
  4. Why was the basketball court so hot after the game? All the fans left.
  5. A basketball player’s favorite food? Dunkin’ Donuts
  6. I used to play basketball with a pig. He was a ball hog!
  7. I hoop to see you again.
  8. The first meal of the day for basketball players is called fastbreak.
  9. I hope your meeting is a slam dunk.
  10. If you want to motivate a basketball player, tell them to power forward.
  11. How do you know if a basketball player has a crush on you? He shoots his shot!
  12. The chicken joined the basketball team because it heard the refs were blowing fowls.
  13. What is a pirate’s favorite basketball move? Sky hook.
  14. What is a basketball player’s favorite thing about astronomy? Shooting stars.
  15. Where do basketball players get their uniforms? New Jersey
  16. Why can’t basketball players go on vacation? Because they’d get called for traveling!
  17. Why was the basketball feeling romantic? It was court-ing someone!
  18. Why did the basketball coach hire an artist? He needed someone to draw up plays.
  19. Why was the basketball court so wet? Because the players kept dribbling all over it.
  20. Did you know the name of the prequel to the best basketball movie ever? Hoosier Daddy

NBA Players Puns

  1. Why can’t Lebron James stand on his tippy toes? He gets no support from his Cavs
  2. Why is LeBron always invited to the barbecue? Because he knows how to heat things up!
  3. What did the windmill say to LeBron James? I’m a big fan.
  4. A basketball player that smells good is Kevin Deo-Durant.
  5. Leave Karl Malone.
  6. Tim “always be” Duncan.
  7. I’m doing all Dwight. Howard you?
  8. Shake Shaq
  9. What’s the chef cooking tonight? Too much curry will give you heartburn!

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